The ideal live OT based set up

So I am nearing the end for my live rig or at least as far as I can tell. I have also realised that it is really important to find one format and stick to it. So that each piece of the rig is the same and each track can be recreated live without messing with wires and re routing different synths.

I was hoping for a little feedback from some of the more experienced naughties here on how I have this set up. Remember this is designed to be a live rig and not a studio set up so I am trying to keep the rig flexible.

At the moment this is my set up. I have a mixer (yamaha MG12/14) but I am not using it. At the moment the Tetra goes to input A and B and can bypass the need for a thru machine by having its own effects chain. The shruthi goes to C and the TX81Z to D. By not using a mixer I have much more freedom in using thru machines and OT onboard effects. When I had the synths going to the mixer it meant I couldn’t apply OT effects on a thru machine without applying the same effects to all synths. OT is the midi master controlling everything and the axiom going into the OT for live keys.

I am thinking of adding a digital synth such as the roland V-synth, maybe a nord I haven’t decided. If i do add one I will either loose the Yamaha and shruthi or get a very small mixer for the the shruthi and new synth.

I’ve thought about adding an MPC for sequencing duties for the tetra and to give me a beat machine but I think it may be more trouble than its worth. Maybe adding more effects? Maybe leave it as is?

Any advice one where to go with it? What to lose? What to buy?

Obviously a live rig is something very personal and its a very broad question but anything you think that might be helpful and might be missing would be appreciated.


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This is my setup. I control everything by Sequentix Cirklon analog sequencer. It has program changes for all connected gear. I use scenes with track values and volumes for every instrument in scene. There is 16 knobs that coul be used for realtime tweaking. It works great for me in live situation.

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So is everything going into a computer or is the motu just being used as a small mixer? Also how is the nord? I’ve been really thinking of picking one up to go along with my tetra. I want something digital to balance out the analog.

Do you ahve any sound examples of your stuff? Be interested to listen.

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i don’t use computer at all for my live set. Motu joins audio streams as a mixer. i will send you some examples.

Nord is quite good sounding synth and i use it from 15 years but a little big and heavy for traveling. i have mapped all crucial knobs for a patch in as Cirklon track values so i can tweak Nord sounds with Cirklon.

ive been using the motu ultralite mk3 too. absolutely love it. never once had a single problem with it

Never an ideal setup. Some choices will limit others. Go with what works the best with your brain.

The effects send on your mixer can open up what you process through the OT. The flexibility can add confusion in a live setting.

I look forward to hearing some recordings. Good luck.

Hello Nedavine, whats the little machine right side from the OT ?

I’m surprised you’re not using your A4, unless you’ve parted company with it - is there some virtual studio mock up site like ? Or are these getting knocked up in PS ?

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Are you guys using the motu with an ipad app? I believe i read about that somewhere.
Can it be used like a regular mixer, eq and sends on each individual track?

Its a shruthi 1

This is an old post, pre MnM and A4 set up is pretty different now.

What about the question as to how you created the image? PS or is there a modular grid style online tool?

Sorry no just photoshop

I`m also a Live-Player with a Jazz-Piano Background, with one question:

Is the Space and Timeline (or other pedals) that much better than the OT Effects? Of course they are better and more direct to tweak, but playing Live means always a Limit of Space, so instead of Space and Timeline I could put another Synth. So is it worth it?

My Setup:
Prophet 08 -> OT AB (thru and for flex machine sampling)
SP 404SX -> OT C (just to save the mixer)
Dark Energy -> OT D (thru)

OT Midi out -> Dark Energy (might change for a Mono Lancet)

All above stays completely wired together in one big E-Piano-flightcase, and in addition I have a Nord Stage, and both big boxes on a keyboard stand for 2 keys.

I`lucky to have a Live-Drummer, so no need for beats (just some electronic plings from OT).
I do lots of live looping the Prophet.


I have those Space and Timeline stomp pedals. They are really, really great.

But, even if I do like a lot the FX that comes from the OT or from the A4, the reverb and the delay effects are less powerful and less organical than the ones generated from the Space and Timeline. I mean, in a “studio” situation.

Now, for a live situation, the FX from the Elektrons can do the job quite very well in my opinion. The dark reverb from the Octatrack is very good. The one from the A4 is even better.

Well I´m mainly interested in Live Playing (as the topic says.)
Any other opinions? Is it worth bringing Eventide / Strymon / EHX Boxes for Reverb&Delay compared to OT´s Reverb & Delay for analog synths in a thru machine?


Good question. Why the external effects when you have OT effects?

This would simplify the live setup. As mentioned, the simpler the better.

what is the interest about using a seuqentix cirklon whereas you can midi control all this hear with the octatrack midisequencer ? i d’ont’ understand

change patterns/patches on every machines at once?
more knobs at the same time?
i have a genoqs and i believe the cirklon has similar functions the Ot doesn’t. Like algorythmic generative stuff, force to scale, midi effects, different playback modes. Polyrythmic mixing is cumbersome on Ot whereas it’s a piece of cake on true polyphonic sequencers. It’s a very creative feature for live improvisation.

my live set up is

Xoxbox + Korg Volca Bass into A4
A4 into Octatrack
Korg Monotron Delay into TR8
TR8 into Octatrack

Also think about adding an Eventide Space to the setup (putting between A4 and OT) … but would be better to use an external mixer for that (or OT with 6 ins and outs :stuck_out_tongue: )

and fingers cross Elektron will add a real tape style delay to A4 and Octatrack (miss that soo much on the machines)

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