The Evolution of Yamaha's Vocaloid

For doing your own voices and a product that follows on from Vocaloid check out Voctro Labs and VoiceMod. I posted about them over here :

Holly+ is open for use.

This has gotten close to the having a singing voice that sounds real. The timbre transfer where you sing in your voice and the software performs in the modelled voice is amazing. ( see the end of the video in my linked post. )


Both vocalists on that track were human - Raychell and Nana Mizuki.

Raychell is a professional singer-bassist who has done a lot of work Bushiroad produced franchises. Nana Mizuki has had a long singing career in addition to anime voice acting, starting with enka singing in childhood.

Raychell singing the same song live in the studio with some guy replacing Nana Mizuki


Careful what you demand, you never know what else hides out there in some corporates mind!

I actually watched it while diggin’ in to a pizza. It was like tea-time kids TV all over again and had an oddly mellow, relaxing and slightly hypnotic feel to it due to the lightly muffled sound that I felt had just the right amount of muffleness to it!

First there was Wavestate, then Opsix, then Modwave, so it goes without saying that Vocawave is next, making it a nice round foursome! Personally though I was hoping the fourth would be a creative sampler, like the Volca Sample but with actual sampling and more knobs!

Cheers mate, took a good look at that! I think the timbre transfer technology is really cool but as pointed out in the video, it does raise IP issues so it’s not something I’d be into personally. It’s also no good unless you provide it with singing in which to transfer the tone too anyway. Another problem with this stuff is the fetish modern software developers have for taking charge of everything, making it browser based and charging subscriptions.

Nah, fuck that.

So as awesome as it is, I think a better solution is actual vocal modeling (preferably open source so that it can evolve quicker and escape the browser and subscription bullshit). To model the human vocal as well as brass and strings and pianos can be modeled these days. That way, it’s an actual synthesizer that you can tweak to your liking and just save your vocal designs as a VSTi preset, just like we do with every other VSTi synth. Such things can also be sequenced with text and a piano roll in much the same way as Vocaloid can.

I reckon the problem with Vocaloid is that they need to remove the sample aspect of it and instead, make it a purely modeled vocal synthesis system. It would also be significantly smaller in size than a Vocaloid library. The closest thing to vocal modeling I ever came across was a very old product called ‘Cantor’ made by ‘VirSyn’. Unfortunately it appears to have been temporarily pulled due to Steinberg dropping production of dongles, so they’re transitioning away from dongle protection.

Soon all singing humanoids could be replaced by Vocaloids!

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it’s too late! they had my phone tapped all along!!



By the way, here is Cantor and like everything else it seems with potential, it appears to have been shelved from the looks of it. I really don’t understand the lack of interest in vocal synthesis, because surely every single electronic musician out there would love a synth that could sing for them using a vocal that the musician is able to synthesize themselves!

But anyway, Cantor is old now but it showed great promise and you have to remember that this is pure synthesis, it’s not using samples at all. You don’t load a sample bank, you just dial-in the vocal characteristics and automate it all. So what I’d love to see is basically this kinda thing but with proper, highly editable physical modeling of the human vocal tract!


I don’t know why, but Vocaloid terrifies me more than any horror film.


Ooh, you should check out Plogue’s Chipspeech then!

@Beatmode I do love that they used Klaus Nomi! RIP you beautiful queer being of light.


Perhaps Casio could do the pro level version of the CT-S1000V.

( thread )

Fun to look at the features they put into that keyboard singing synth though.

Also worth examining the technology they used in that product, parts of it are open source, iirc. I’d have to look back at my posts in that thread.

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that casio looks more fun than a lot of boutique garbage that pops up these days. he even mentions specifically that vocaloid is frustrating trying to get proper results out of.


This one really gave me the creeps the first time I saw it. The dude hides a secret beneath his scarf, but he’s pretty much a living, breathing Vocaloid and I’m talking about actual pitch reachability here, not just creepiness (prepare yourself for this one, no, really) :smile:

Interesting character for sure, weird and creepy in a cool sort of way and I intend to look more into his music. And I’m not sure if you’re aware of it but I believe PSB based ‘Twenty Something’ around the dramatic chords of Klaus Nomi’s ‘Cold Song’.

Let the listener be the judge as they say!

Nice to come across others with an interest in Vocal Synthesis, and you clearly have!

I remember the launch of that Casio but was disappointed because it involved an app. Not happy about that at all and sadly couldn’t be bothered with it for that very reason.

Thumbs-up to them though, I do like Casio :+1:


It can use an app BUT you don’t have to use one, you can do everything without it. They just included it for some peoples convenience or preference.

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Thanks! Always fun to learn a thing, he was iconic and it sounds a loving nod.


he’s an anime villain if I ever saw one.


Wow, I’ll take another look then. I thought you had to use an app to type wording in and stuff like that, to edit pronunciations etc.

The dude’s got his own anime character, enough said. I’m not saying that sarcastically, either. For someone who died so young to have an anime character, I think that’s pretty damn brag-worthy!

Yes, I do believe the PSB track was a nod to Klaus Nomi. I’m sure I read about it among the YouTube comments for the track. If not then I can’t imagine where I read it, but I know that I did.

But yeah, Bowie for example, we all know who Bowie is and he had a long and very public career so it’s not surprising he has an anime character. This Klaus dude though, wasn’t so lucky.

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Ah that was it, it appears Henry Purcell wrote it and Klaus Nomi performed it over 300 years later so it might have been Henry Purcell, but either way it was definitely ‘The Cold Song’.

My poor brain got there in the end!

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I’m pretty sure the owner of the clip has disabled off-site links but even though it’s been posted on elektronauts 999 times before, I’m going make this the thousandth time it was posted. And if you’ve never seen it, please watch and appreciate the silver box for all it’s charm and voice synth engine (but not it’s current market value).


Very neat, must have taken a fair bit of time to do that!

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Wow. Love it :slight_smile:

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Human makes Vocaloid obsolete after demonstration of built-in gender-bending algorithm!

He’d totally be able to fool a dude on the other end of a phone into thinking they’re talking to a female. I’d be pranking the hell out people if I could pull-off a voice change as good as that!

I think it’d be far too much a laugh to resist :smile: