The Elektron Feedback Loop: February 2023

And when you both use the same control it’s a matter of who is the stronger of the two :slight_smile:


Hilarious from my point of view…

Nearest city to me is about 400km away.


Me too. Elektron user tests in the western mountains of Tasmania, to ensure full Banjo Frog compatibility. Perhaps not so likely.


Yes, I too think there’s potential in this general idea if they can figure out a way to make it work well. Perhaps a future device with wi-fi and a touch screen like on the Waldorf Quantum (in addition to all the clicky button and encoders). I could see different ways it might work. Say, Person A creates a drum beat and then selects “Collaborate”. Later, Person B selects “Accept Collaboration” after viewing all available options from a list, and then they go back and forth. The service could even give a percentage of the overall contribution of each collaborator when the track is signed off as finished.

whoa, where do you live (approx)?



Looks like I’d been unsubscribed from the Elektron newsletter as the last email I got from them was in December about the sound pack winter sale. Ah well.

Some of the others said to check your spam

Yeah, did that, not a sign of anything Elektron-related. I must have just been unsubscribed - I rejoined but probably won’t get the survey, but have emailed Elektron support about it just in case they can send it out again.

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These questions surely have been translated into English, because they feel quite clunky to me.

In particular I found section 2 quite oddly worded, Especially question b.
It felt like they expected me to have a yearly budget which I put aside and then decide how to spend, and that’s not how I spend money on music production.

I tend to wait until I realise I need something, and then I work out what would solve that problem, and then I try and save up for it.
Surely that’s what most people do?

Anyway I love you Elektron please give me my free Syntakt now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hmm, last email I got from them was last year december, seems like I was unsubscribed for some reason.


Elektron support sent me this link to the survey when I said I’d been unsubscribed from the email list.


Did the survey, and surprised myself a bit by saying I was going to purchase an A4mkII in the near future. Further research/listening has only increased the GAS :laughing:


They sent me a survey! I see it is posted here now though


Survey is also up on Insta for those looking

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I have no big hopes, but please stay with hardware. We are here because of the devices and not because we want plugins or apps from you!


…sure they have to be open to all kinds of future options…so no worries for the cloud and software product questions…as long u simple just and only keep the hardware option box checked… :wink:

but if they would convince ess to come “home” to let his fors’ m4l device only candycodes become universal VST’s instead, i’d be all fine with that…


a fors-takt would be absolutely mint. :partying_face::sparkles:


Oh yeah.

That would be great. I think the Digitakt form is far from exhausted. Do you think it would need a major update to the hardware?