The Digitone Experience (Dataline Vid)





cenk. the human song mode.


That choir sound at 15:00, omg


Very nice! Can’t wait to get mine.


Top notch Mr Dataline!


Great set birthday twin. :wink:


Nice, just clocked the Bandcamp download includes the sysex too, 16 patterns and 32 sounds!


Thanks for the support! Enjoy messing around with those patterns :slight_smile:



Funny how it seems the DN steers a mind more towards melodic stuff… Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this :nyan:


I am loving the arp designer, some interesting stuff comes from that




Show off :sweat_smile:


Really nice…


For those who don’t know, on Dataline’s bandcamp, he has the 4 track ep on sale. With it he also has a project with 16 patterns including these 4 songs, 128 unique drum sounds in the sound pool and 30 sounds to upload to the library. I think every Digitone owner not only need to go and support him and his music, but get the soundpack that goes with it. This device is one of the best synths I’ve owned in 15 years and he’s really shown it’s full power.


… stupid me thinking he gets paid for showcasing Elektron machines …


Did you listen to the EP?


Love the tracks and i’d love to buy them, However i don’t own a Digitone so have no use for the sounds and by the time you go through paypal its £9.60 for the 4 tracks which i find a tad greedy considering its not on a hardware format.


why does it have 128 unique sound in the pool but only 30 for upload to the library?