The Behringer synth fx thread


That would have been nice, yes! And a lot of people would probably have done so if they were in Uli’s position, ie if they had his substantial financial resources.
(Can’t believe I’m finding myself defending a large, ruthless corp… IP stuff does get my goat sometimes.)


Yes, I think his position is such that if even a fairly large company like Roland can’t touch him then little companies have no chance, I don’t think that kind of behaviour is good for the synth community.


Can’t believe there is actually someone on this forum backing my opinion on Behringers business practices
High five buddy :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:



First, he steals your synth design. Then, he steals your heart.


Oh hubba hubba :heart_eyes:

First he steals your synth design. Then he steals your ladies :joy:


Ryan was referencing the video of DivKid interviewing Pete Sadler from Behringer/Midas about the Behringer Odyssey at Superbooth 18.

I am pretty sure Korg licensed it from ARP and the original designer and cofounder of ARP, David Friend, who was also employed in the creation of the Korg ARP Odyssey series.

If they are licensed and authorized producer of the Odyssey, It’s possible Korg could have action they could take against Behringer. On the other hand Behringer has to be deep in lawyers, who approved this, deep in lawyers if for the only reason that you need a truckload of lawyers to run a major international business.

But also

from my own personal experience going up against a corrupt and predatory corporation, and i don’t know this to be true of the Behringer Tribe – but practically the whole board of directors were lawyers. It follows when a company skirts law and ethics, and makes their survival by cheating customers, employes and stock-holders that they are deep with the shiftier side of legal practice. I actually think Behringer is no where near these levels of corruptness.


I’m just curious what the incentive for creating/buying this item.


Martin Shkreli, the Uli Behringer of pharmaceuticals.


I know this is hyperbole and that’s OK by me. But Martin Shkreli was found guilty and is headed to prison pending appeal. It’s been said that people died, not being able to afford life saving drugs because of him.

Uli would be more like in the outer ring suburbs of the circles of hell. (Hyperbole here my own.)


I guess to be fair to Uli, if one needed life saving drugs and an analog Model D, his low, low prices make it that much more attainable.


Hadn’t quite thought of it like that. Yup. And Martin would be out of business as a synth manufacturer.


If uli had the same dream for pharmaticutical that he did for synths (affordable synths for the masses) we would think he’s a great guy…




Unifono started a thread on the Behringer MS-101.

The “last of the new synths from Behringer at Superbooth 18.”


If these clones turn out to be as accurate remakes as the Boog D, The prices of og Rolands might finally start coming down a little. So win-win for people who still cannot afford em, and to people who will be able to get an og cheaper.


I want cheap boutiques :slight_smile:
I have no space so they appeal to me, but I always thought I can’t justify the price for what they are.
SH01A for 400 euro… people get a A4 mk1 for about 600 these days


This might be your chance then! I can easily imagine some boutique users flipping their ACB models for the Behris, so more 2ndhand boutiques will probably appear as soon as these are out.


The exact opposite, no? Behringer is currently doing exactly what generic pharmaceutical companies do, wait for patents on expensive products to run out and then create very similar versions of those products and sell at low prices because you saved on R&D.

Edit: oops just saw that @jefones basically said the same thing.


Yes, most likely