Behringer MS-101


The Behringer synth fx thread

Why are they doing all of this?


Dude- I think Behringer owned Superbooth this year


Eric (in the video) says this is the “last of the synths Behringer is showing at Superbooth.”
(a) That’s a lot of new stuff.
(b) And there’s more that they are not talking about!


That 808 is REALLY cool looking! Great job on the 101. Keeping my eye on it


Behringer entering Superbooth this year like Darth Vader entering the end of Rogue One.


Analog 101 with full 3port DIN MIDI array and full CC control?

Not bad!


Thanks for spoiling the movie bruh…


They blow up the Death Star in A New Hope.

Damn it! I did it again!


This, I’m afraid, I will buy.


This sounds awesome – and it comes in a line of colors, and can be converted to a KEYTAR. :sunglasses:

Eric: “Jaw droppingly inexpensive.”


My earnestness tells me not to be cool with some of these tastless bite offs…

The devil in me cant help but want them…

Very strange.


If - and this is a big if - all this stuff makes it from prototype state to a product that you can buy in a shop they will change how the market works. The moog clone reproduced the characteristic sound of the original, it will be interesting to see if they achieve the same with the 808, 101 and pro-1.


Its weird…it doesnt sound right.
The 808 is actually neat-ish. But this falls short.
Looks cool…but its a pass for me.


Too big :wink:


He had the VCF Mod knob on 50%. In a different video he claimed to be a guitarist with no knowledge of synths. Always send your best people into battle!


Uli’s dream


Neutron is their most interesting product so far imo


More mass produced rubbish pumped out of Chinese sweat shops is the last thing planet earth needs.
Hopefully he uses recyclable materials so when discarded they don’t pollute our land, sea and atmosphere

Oh man I am getting sick of writing that.
Thank god for cut’n’paste :joy:


Reviews on the model d and neutron tell a different story.
Great sound, fine build quality.
I see why people dislike behringer, but let’s face the facts