The Behringer synth fx thread


It is actually pretty crazy this hasn’t happened to the industry until now.

Behringer is bringing functional tools to the masses, small makers are bringing products of nuance and exceptional quality.

Something tells me this discussion is all for nought and everyone is gonna be happy in the end and there will be less lonely synth folk.


Uli detailed the Eurorack modules that Benringer is planning. They’re all ‘clones’ of the Roland model 100.

There are thirteen modules desribed here, and you can download more detail info on them there. Behringer will pick some subset of these thirteen to release first, with more to follow, including designs inspired by the Deepmind and the Neutron.

Uli talks about future plans here.



I saw that Sonic State had a video clip at Superbooth 18 showing the Behringer VC340 Vocoder keyboard, and the Pro-One desktop, with a flash in the background of the Neutron.


In the video the Behringer demonstrator, responding to a question about when this will be available and said approximately, “We don’t have a date for this yet, we have so many orders for the synths that are before this in the pipeline, so it’s going to take a while.”

I must say the demo of this, sounds really antique and quaint. It surprised me. This might not be the most commercial of synths in Behringer’s ‘pipeline’, but they certainly have a little something for everyone.


The poor little forgotten VC340. I guess this is a probable for full production.


The one good thing about all the cheap Behringer clones is that they will always be worth less than their new price, because of the amount they will need to churn out, invariably after a while lots will show up used, so if you are considering buying any of the new Behringer stuff wait a year after they first come out and buy used, you will probably save even more, like 50%, if price is all you care about.

I’d love for a load of people to ask them to clone the Akai Timbre Wolf. :joy:


No doubt, although how much less than $300 do you want to go? I have a feeling too that some of the Tribe will be in more demand, with fewer people dumping them – the Neutron for example.

With the VC340 being between $700 and $1000 though, that one leaves room for the Waldorf STVC which i think is a much better system, doing what the VC340 does and a lot more.

ADDED: With neither of these two ever being large sellers.


Saw a wolf on eBay for 165$ today, a steal. That thing is so underrated.


I don’t think I’d even buy one used. Although I really do not like the company I can’t deny that the Neutron sounded quite nice and had some good fairly unique features, it still looks like shit IMHO, but I’d prefer them to focus on stuff like that rather than cashing in on vintage designs.


I’m a full-on raving socialist, and I have no problem with Behringer cloning 50-year-old technology.

I’m still a little suspicious of them quality-wise, but I guess we’ll know in a few years whether everyone’s Deepminds are still working.

That said, I’m not that interested in their reproductions, but would be very interested if they actually got round to making this quality stereo multi-fx box that seems to have been proposed and then disappeared… That’s a niche where there’s actually not much competition, unlike analogue monosynths.


Employee comments.


Same old same old:



Wow that really makes one think twice before buying their products.


Tip of the iceberg:


This is by far the most savage and consistently bad Glass Door I’ve ever seen. The RD 808 and D had me interested, but having a shitty sociopathic boss myself I’m boycotting in solidarity!

Meanwhile, at employee-owned Moog…


As mentioned in the factmag curtis article above lots of companies use Behringer’s cloned CEM/SSM chips, including many modular manufacters, DSI, Elektron even.


The chip-cloning thing doesn’t bother me – how long exactly should patents/copyrights be expected to last? This is old technology. We’re lucky Og doesn’t still have a patent on the wheel or we’d be fucked.

But treating your workers like shit is not cool, that has me reconsidering my laissez-faire attitude to Behringer.


The thing with theft is most people don’t really care about it, until it happens to them. The widow of the designer isn’t really in a financial position to be able to stop Behringer from profitting from her late husbands work, whilst getting no royalty payments, and at the same time Behringer are undercutting (through economies of scale) which is of course affecting sales of the original chips which are still being sold by her company. Classy.


Yeah, when it’s a widow it’s easy to feel sympathy. But would you if it was GE, say, getting the money? The situation of the engineer even owning the IP seems unusual to me, must have been a small company. Most engineers (most workers in general) don’t get royalties on things they’ve made, decades after the fact.


I guess my position on it is that it would not be too much for Behringer to have reached out to the company (Curtis) and said ‘hey we really like your chips, can we buy some’ or ‘can we use the design and give you a royalty?’ Rather than just cutting one open and cloning it.

Yes the designer of the chips owned the company, the chip in question the CEM3340 VCO was used in lots of classic synths eg Roland SH-101, Sequential Circuits Pro-One to name a few.

And given Behringer’s past behaviour, how cool would it have been for him to do it right, get the permission for all the chips they cloned, guy would have been a hero.