The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

Yeah I think unless they offer something not available elsewhere (which admittedly some do) eurorack sequencers are not the best use of case space. To my mind external sequencing of modular (with the exceptions of truly unique sequencers) is better and less fiddly, more powerful, etc. Especially x0x style drum sequencing, for example.

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Yeah to be honest I think that Euro Sequencer modules are way too expensive, I mean I could just get a Beatstep/Keystep Pro for what some of them cost mate.
I think with the MPCX I get a lot of capability. You’d have to be a proper MUG to shell out for some of this modular gear IMO although my x3 2600 VCO modules were like £75 each no brainer. I buy the same stuff from another company that does the same thing for x3 the price, errrrrr NOPE :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m just waiting for the BCR 32 impatiently


Yes me also I am looking forward to this one. I have the BCR2000 but the 32 looks great


Nice skin!

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Expanded version of the Neutron.

A Helium (atom) would be a Proton, a Neutron, and an Elektron.


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lol, they’re circling.

Bonomachine bUW incoming

So they have really stepped up the pace of announcements. They also announced the Toro pedal (desktop) today.

That’s 6 new products in 5 days, i think.

I’d expect more soon.

After a long period of quiet, I wonder if this latest flurry of announcements indicates that they have received their long awaited chip shipment.




Skinz :+1:

My guess is they’ve been squirrelled away designing these instruments and are now just waiting on the bulk delivery of chips before they go into full production. If that’s the case we should see these new synths in short order.

The comment section on FB under “And we’re just warming up” Behringer confirms the VCS3 is still on the way.


Woah I didn’t know about this. Prototypes look interesting, real wood? I would rather get something innovative than a clone in 2022.

But depending on cost (any ideas?), quality, and faithfulness to the original, this will be on my radar.


Rush cover band bass players will not be satiated …

one vital section missing :wink:

og video fyi


I gotta admit I’m pretty excited about the sudden burst of new stuff being anounced by Behringer but this one I’m really anxious to hear a demo of. I already have a “poor man’s Moog Taurus” (Minitaur controlled by Roland PK-5A) and I’m a big prog rock nerd so bands that I like used instruments like the Taurus but I’m ready to see/hear how close B got to the famous bass of the original Taurus.


…it will come as close as it’s logo…to the original…

my otb days are coming to an end, i’m afraid…

It’s kinda cool but… Who asked for this? Is there even a market for the Moog Taurus? There must be or else this wouldn’t exist but I can’t imagine how Behringer are going to cover the cost of R&D with this one.

Any way possible we wouldn’t always get yet another new topic for each B product? Since these aren’t even in production yet. Now we have, what, five new B threads within a couple of days.

Don’t worry, I know how to mute a thread.