The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

Get with the now.

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No longer “Gear-in-progress”.

Gear delivered !

That’s a nice Holiday message from Benn Jordan.

That encourages me to do more too.


On the 1601 :

Looking closely i like the simple straight forward interface. No manual, no menus, no modes to remember. Just looking at the front panel and you can see how to use the 1601. So what if it has been done before, if it was good then it’s still good. Sliders on a sequencer is very quick and immediate. It has a quantizer, and MIDI output too, so it has been updated. It just fits with the 2600, but i can see it with other stuff too.

I’m just thinking why not come up with something new. That’s all. :slight_smile:


Snooping around the internet, i see that the 1601 has been copied many times, by a variety of people, and is available in kit form and elsewhere. The Behringer version appears distinct, being in Eurorack format, adding the MIDI, and the sync options across the top, though i can’t be entirely certain of that. So as a copied ARP unit it appears something people like to do. There was an AMSynth version that sold for around $900 on Reverb not to long ago.

We’ll see if and what Behringer ultimately does with this.

Behringer is showing an update on an engineering version of their DS80 synth. They say there is a long ways to go, but that their analog engineer John Price, has designed a complete voice channel, and so the development continues.

There is another “slight” barrier for them to recreate a CS-80, a small matter of a suitable keyboard.

EDIT : Fix broken link.



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I started a new thread for the ProVS. It was announced today, and is their four voice minisynth, that takes influence from the Prophet VS and the Modal Craftsynth, with a target price of $99 USD.

No previous notice of this has been made, it came out of the blue – a surprise.

Makes you wonder what else Behringer may have on the way, below the surface. It also points a new direction as Behringer gets more involved involved with digital synths.


I wish Behringer would invest a bit more thought into making their products look good. This has all the aesthetic charm of a packet of disposable razors.


I wish they’d stop biting.

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At least they’ve got the legends in the right orientation.

Wonder if it’s gonna have analogue filters and vca’s ala the original VS? That would be interesting

Edit. I’ve now read the Synth Anatomy article posted on the other thread


Behringer announced today that they have a Theremin in progress, and have produced their first prototype. Some detail from their Facebook page :

The team is super excited as we’ll be adding some really cool new functions, never been seen in a Theremin product.

And we’re still targeting 99 USD sales price.

So i see “Scale” and “Root” on the front panel. There’s also a dial for pitch quantization, so could you dial in the amount of quantization ? Timbre and filter controls on a Theremin, i like. Looks like a DIN MIDI plug on the i/o board from the images on their Facebook page, though it may be a little shallow ?

An analog synth like a Theremin seems right up their alley.

What all has “never been seen on a Theremin” ?

OK, maybe this isn’t for Carolina Eyck. I didn’t think a Theremin was for me, but i’m going to watch this one.

This also would be great in schools !


The splice in a leading B brigade will not be happy - this name is pre-lol’d :wink:

Not an impulse purchase like those others, despite the cost, as much as it would be fun to try it would surely be rather hard to master and destined to wear dust … unless those additions are significant

much older images from elsewhere


just give us a Bonomachine™ Uli.

comes filled with 6-track sequenced renditions of U2’s new album.


So that is definitely DIN MIDI.

Quantization can definitely make the Theremin more approachable.

WAIT : The front panel is different.

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apologies - I think my link was old (Nov’20) as I realised belatedly the image was wildly differing to yours

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Vehrmin :sweat_smile:


Was the Behringer Mu-tron Bi-phase clone already posted here? Previously unobtanium. Mu-tron reissued it not too long ago, but in limited numbers and super pricey. I’ve always been curious as it was apparently used heavily by Lee Perry at Black Ark.

I wish Behringer would reissue other dub classics like the Grampian spring reverb, Fisher SpaceXpander, and Space Echo. I would be all over clones of that stuff! Spring reverb tanks and tape echos just should not have gone away.


Comment section on that one is wild lol