The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

I know this is hyperbole and that’s OK by me. But Martin Shkreli was found guilty and is headed to prison pending appeal. It’s been said that people died, not being able to afford life saving drugs because of him.

Uli would be more like in the outer ring suburbs of the circles of hell. (Hyperbole here my own.)

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I guess to be fair to Uli, if one needed life saving drugs and an analog Model D, his low, low prices make it that much more attainable.


Hadn’t quite thought of it like that. Yup. And Martin would be out of business as a synth manufacturer.

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If uli had the same dream for pharmaticutical that he did for synths (affordable synths for the masses) we would think he’s a great guy…



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Unifono started a thread on the Behringer MS-101.

The “last of the new synths from Behringer at Superbooth 18.”

If these clones turn out to be as accurate remakes as the Boog D, The prices of og Rolands might finally start coming down a little. So win-win for people who still cannot afford em, and to people who will be able to get an og cheaper.

I want cheap boutiques :slight_smile:
I have no space so they appeal to me, but I always thought I can’t justify the price for what they are.
SH01A for 400 euro… people get a A4 mk1 for about 600 these days

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This might be your chance then! I can easily imagine some boutique users flipping their ACB models for the Behris, so more 2ndhand boutiques will probably appear as soon as these are out.


The exact opposite, no? Behringer is currently doing exactly what generic pharmaceutical companies do, wait for patents on expensive products to run out and then create very similar versions of those products and sell at low prices because you saved on R&D.

Edit: oops just saw that @jefones basically said the same thing.


Yes, most likely

On the topic of Behringer and effects, has anyone mentioned the Juno 60 Stereo Pedal yet from Behringer-owned TC Electronics? It looks nice and is priced at $99.


I’ve been looking for a stand alone Juno Chorus for a very long time !


I was more implying that they were both seemingly morally void icons of their respective industries rather than they follow the same business models, which as pointed out, they deinetely do not.


So the new new at Superbooth 18 are:

  • MS-101
  • ARP Odyssey
  • Pro-One desktop
  • RD-808
  • VC-340

Did i miss anything?

Anyone hear any prices? I never thought an 808 clone would interest me but damn if that doesn’t look wicked. Especially the new features (ie wave designer…wha wha what??)

What i’ve heard so far was:

  • Pro-One desktop – $300
  • MS-101 - :jaw droppingly affordable"
  • ARP Odyssey - ‘competitive’
  • RD-808 - ‘competitive’
  • VC-340 - 800 to 1000 of an unspecified currency, if it becomes a product

For awhile i thought every synth from Behringer was $300 :grinning: but the keyboard products are obviously more. I have heard that Behringer sets their prices only based on their costs, and a standard amount of profit, and not on an asigned value or perceived value to the customer.

Uli mentioned in gearslutz threads that vc-340 will be 799 and odyssey under 500.

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Looking over the new line-up i am very impressed with the engineering done on these all. This is above what i had expected.

That isn’t a projection on the durability, hopefully Behringer’s engineers that deal with the manufacture are equal to the task.

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Hot damn! Thems good prices