The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

It’s was part of their leak

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More choice can only be good IMHO. FM & granular in particular is being praised to death on these boards, which is aight and all, but the more the merrier I say!

I’ll be grabbing that analog vocoder if they ever make a desktop version. It’s not a coincidence that both classic scratch sounds are vocoded speech, I bet more great sounds could be conjured with one. And running drums through a vocoder always sounds cool and you can come up with great pluck/stab hits.

You can buy the Roland Boutique version of the exact same machine today.

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yes, but I am only interested if its analog. I already have several digital vocoders I can use if needed.

Even though I now own two ACB boxes, I am not convinced of the sound quality of the emulations.

Form past experience with Behringer’s audio interfaces… I would not be too excited about Maelstrom… expect bugs, glitches and firmware updates (only with a windows updater) that make things worse or do nothing.

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I wonder how many people use the VR interface?

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Didn’t realize it costs $5000.

I’m hoping for those drum machines they ‘leaked’

I’ll be really sad if I don’t get my 300$ 909 clone :disappointed:

I’d like a Deepmind 6 sometime in the future tbh but since I am a horrible keyboard player I’ve got nothing to do with 12 voices :smiley:


Exciting news in that it means that we will likely have a variety of affordable analog polysynths coming in the next couple of years. I hope Roland does an awesome one in the Boutique format.

Roland is happy to sell you one right now for $299.


@t Micro machines was never my thing :smiley:

Behringer would sell heaps more gear if they didn’t print their name on it.
Got a shitty old behringer rack thing, and I think
I could almost make eye contact with it, if it lost the badge.
Surely their marketing division have discussed it :joy:



The few things I’ve bought from Behringer have been solid, Bcr2000 controller & Behringer ECM8000 measurement mic.

Had them for years and they’ve not failed yet although I was stupid enough to give the Bcr away some years back :zonked:

Yeah I know, just would be better with no name :joy:


Hehehe :smile: :joy:

And the best part is, it doesn’t sound half as bad as the 808 ACB! The 909 boutique is quite a nice piece for the price.

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Regarding the drum machines, I’d probably just wait for the next Perfect Circuit Audio sale and get a TT-78 - but that’s just me.

Just my uninformed speculation – will Behringer (Music Group is the corporate name) leverage the digital signals engineering expertise of their subsidiary TC Electronics which makes a ton of digital processing products to do digital synth products?

Thirty minutes to warm up? An hour to calibrate?