The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

isnt it the same as the free cherry audio vst ?
it seems fine if basic compared to many many hardware/softsynths…

So the review in Reverb, says 24 dB ladder filter. Interestingly there is both a high note priority, two oscillator monophonic voice, combined with a polyphonic “organ sound” square wave, that you can adjust in the mixer and send to the filter, so it is paraphonic.

Simple but for the time different and popular enough, certainly at the price. The review says Peter Gabriel used it.

I wouldn’t think this should be a priority for Behringer, but this might also be a big enough draw, that perhaps Behringer should give it a go, if they ever have manufacturing bandwidth to burn.

Moog History Sidelight

After making this for Radio Shack for 18 months, Moog stopped and changed it around to make the Moog Rogue, stripping out the polyphony, and adding wheels.

The Concertmate, has all sorts of mods, as the article points out. Making it semi-modular could have uses too.

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Behringer has completed the engineering development through to a final prototype of the “Wave” ( they dropped the PPG in the name ) and it is now going out to beta testers. They put pictures on their FB page.

Recreating the sound caused them some difficulty along the way, but they feel that they “nailed it”. We’ll see soon enough.

ADDED : Oh and they are still working with Hermann Seib on this, which will help too.

VCS3 synth clone


That’s 23days old news … we’ve moved on since then :crazy_face:

I’m in the market for a 61 key midi controller with AT and this looks awesome, but I can’t take three years of waiting. Hope they go through with it


The BOD-400 Bass Overdrive sounds amazing on synth. I use it on my Crave and as a send Effect on individual bass patch tracks on my A4.

It’s low and high eq controls are surprisingly noticeable and great and the overdrive is a perfect smooth, compressed, thick saturation

I love it on 808 style patches and mono synths in general. The low end is insane, not what I was expecting from a Behringer pedal. But I have liked every Behringer monosynth I’ve owned too

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What, no cv?

We need a second thread that lists things that actually get released. What’s the opposite of vaporware?
Edit: to be clear, not hating on Behringer. It’s just hard to keep up with so many announcements, and keep them straight with things that actually get released


You’re right SanktDavid. With the size of company that Behringer is becoming means the list of products is overwhelming. No fault on becoming big though.

Behringer’s open design process, along with the worldwide delays on certain electronic parts does add to this difficulty. There are Behringer products discussed here in stages from “what do you think ideas”, to products very early in development that they say they will make, to products that are extremely close to complete and need parts to begin manufacture, to products that have been manufactured and sold, but are at the moment not available, … and probably other states.

But just yesterday Behringer made clear on their Facebook page, that everything they have promise to make, will be made eventually, so there is no vaporware in the regular sense of that word.

Others can doubt Behringer’s intent with this if they want, but i don’t. It’s very expensive to develop a product, just to scrap it.

There is also that a moderator, in response to someone who has complained nearly the most, took down several separate threads and dumped them all into this thread. One in particular, the VCS3 thread was perhaps the biggest loss. So there are restrictions in this forum for starting threads that involve Behringer products in development.

We also at times discuss stuff that is currently being made, that has a thread, and is for sale, and also get into detail on the original product that Behringer is modelling. I try to “direct traffic” with those, but it is difficult, and we collective need to be responsible.

Behringer needs a scorecard list, like in Baseball or Football, with all the players, which team they play for, their current status, and other detail.

The teams are like Pedals, Eurorack, Keyboards, Desktop Modules, etc. Behringer has a Micro, and a Mini line, and they are also developing a new line that we have not discussed here yet called the Macro line. And then there are all the other non-synth electronic music products that they make.

Apologies for this post being long, and this thread being large. It’s a big topic, so we do what we can do. All these options.


No apology require. You’ve explained the situation very well. They do seem to listen to some of the suggestions that are made in response to the ‘what do you things about this item’ posts and announcements and those announcements themselves will spark conversation and debate. Same as the progress reports; it’s nice to know something is in the pipeline even if it is held up.

Progress photo of the RS-9. They also have a picture of the circuit board too.

They’ve made some changes, and are still taking input, and are testing this prototype.


They must be doing drum modules then @Jukka from the RD-9. I already have the Erica Synths Drum Sequencer and the modules but I’d build a Behringer Drum rig for taking out with me if it all comes to light.
Thanks for posting, any idea on pricing of this?


Their target is $149 USD, so enough that you know they’re for real about this, but still affordable if it is something you want

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That’s cheap and absolutely I’ll get one for sure. It’ll come in handy for travelling so I can leave the premium stuff at home :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A working image of the Behringer Polykobol they’re trying to develop.

They are reporting good progress with this very rare synth, have done the analysis and have bread boarded a two voice equivalent with working front panel. But this one, along with the CS-80 that they are working on, are complex machines, so there is risk to these projects with no guarantees of completion.

I’m liking the controls on this, and if it comes in for a reasonable cost, it would be great to play.

If it sounds like the original, it will be one to watch for. You can listen to the original synth in this video.


I think this is an even better demo:


Found that looking for Hirotribe updates


Amazing sound.

What is this a miniclone of?