The Behringer era


That kind of inequality is structural, access to cheaper luxury products isn’t going to bring anyone out of poverty.


Isn’t Mother32 just a box full of designs that were designed by Bog Moog half a century ago?


It’s not an actual clone though is it? Different internals and different layout… HEAVILY inspired by though for sure! But every function on the m32 is available elsewhere before Moog made m32, so it’s fair game really imo…

I wouldn’t personally start a business based on products that I couldn’t patent. A bigger company will always mimic anything that’s not patented if there’s a dollar in it… Happens EVERYWHERE…


Yeah but it’s not going to cause it or make it worse either right? Which was what was being implied…I mean blaming Behringer for this kind of stuff…seems a little O.T.T :wink:


I sincerely wish Behringer would clone Elektrons. :smile:

They have to get into sequencer- groovebox market too.
It’ll shake things up a little.
C’mon Uli you can do it !


I am just saying if somthing is good for me doesn’t mean is right. It can be but it isn’t necessarily.
I don’t think we shouldn’t boycott elektron becous ithair machines is obviously diferent and well thought original product. What they do is totaly oposite from behringer. So no.


If stealing is ok than asking certain amount of money in exchange for your original product is bad ? Brave new world



Reading this thread and watching the mental gymnastics people do to justify an overpriced synth, I can see why this is getting worse.


Reading this thread and watching the mental gymnastics people do to justify theft, I can see why this is getting worse.


yeah I agree, I can see how paying $600 for a m32 instead of $200 for a crave can be theft.


What theft ? Is there any decision of justice about this matter I’m not aware of ?


Theft is Behringer-haters main ammunition. Its set on repeat.



So Novation attacked Behringer in justice and won, right ?

Genuine question.


I don’t know.


Me neither… but if anyone has infos about this I’ll be glad.


But what do you see on that photo?


I see nothing very unique from a bunch of companies :wink:


Concurrent products that solve similar problems. Just like fridges, or percolators.