The Behringer era


Like what? Rearranging the jacks and knobs doesn’t count.


Yeah exactly, i dont visit gs any more.


Your post is briliant , no words needed , how bad is that?


Pleas, post a comparison photos than we can see what are we talking about. Photo poted here is not even displaying all of examples, but even that should be enough to se what is behringer doing.


So should only Moog be allowed to make 1VCO semimodular synths with sequencer?


Yes, this might be the truth, but, after what they’ve been doing for years and years, and still are doing for some part, there is no way in hell i will support them. No way in hell


It’s literally the same synth


That is redicolous, i did not now that, so even that thing is behringer to the core


You can’t argue with that. It pretty much is.


Isn’t it better for the people who make music to be able to buy affordable clones?
I think the customers are the winners in this battle.
Maybe the more expensive companies could also revise their pricing strategies.
Without competition they will charge you as much as they can.
The market is big and people who want to support more exclusive brands can do it.
And there is an option for the ones who could only dream about some stuff.


No, but it is not the only similarity, actually it looks like vco is the only thing thats different :roll_eyes: ok, this and the look. If they didnt change the look, it would be the exactly the same sinth minus diferent vco. They had to live somthing so people can go on laying to tham selfs.


Not everithing what is good for me will and up being good for someone else. This can not be an argument. It certainly isn’t for the people from wich they steal.


I’m happy that budding musicians are able to obtain affordable instruments. That said, as someone with disposable income, I won’t support a morally bankrupt company like Behringer.


That’s not a very good argument either, since they are not stealing anything. What they do is legal.

Even Elektron has ladder filter in their synths. Should we boycott Elektron? Ladder filter was invented by good old Bob Moog decades ago.


I don’t think Behringer is bad at all. A company that asks $599 for a 1vco synth is bad and it’s about time we get some actual competition in the synth business.


Reading this thread and watching the mental gymnastics people do to justify a cheap synth, I can see why this is getting worse:


Didn’t realise Moog had a monopoly on the market. I must have imagined the recent abundance of cheap analog synths from a wide variety of manufacturers. It’s really great that Behringer is able to borrow some of those designs by exploiting legal loopholes and pass the R&D savings down to us.


It’s not a legal ”loophole”, it’s the way patent law works. And for consumers, it’s a really good thing.


I know how expired patents work. I’m talking about their cloning of stuff that’s still in production, like the Mother 32.


Im not in the know with economics. But doesn’t promoting mass production of things for a cheaper price = more jobs and more people able to buy the same things? Which i’d assume would = more global equality than a handful of employees making stuff that fewer people can afford?

Probably a naive assumption, I really have zero idea what I’m talking about :wink: