The Behringer era


Ther is this constant efort or whatever to try and make behringer look as if they are the saviours of the music and musicians.
Well i disagree with that.
First off all they are just making money like they always have. That is the only goal of behringer. That is what they always have been doing, copy well known products, bring them on cheeper, make profit. That is the Beringer . Synthesizer are not exception.
And second, i can bet that they count on rich consumers from western world to make profit. You know, the guys with good salaries and jobs, who hapenes to have a hobby and they got to have it all (clasics)
So , they are not doing it for the “poor” (they own workers) musicians, it wouldn’t be profitable enough. That part, that appearance of Behringer is just PR marketing. Just do it Behringer :money_mouth_face:


Did Moog invent Eurorack cases too?


Dunno about an ‘era’… that’s a bit click baitish and overblown. If they build something I want, happy to buy it. The model d is great. Pro 1 on the radar as well. Music is the winner.

So many glass houses in big business these days, that I reckon it’s nearly impossible not to be a hypocrite in some way or form when dissing one in particular. It’s not like all the big synth companies haven’t been harassed to come out with proper analog remakes. Behringer simply read the pulse and did the hard yards in accurate recreations. Been clones of moogs, 303’s, arps and Roland drum machines for decades. Classics have become ridiculously collectible and overpriced compared to equally able modern hardware. Some equalizing factors were well overdue imho. Fair play and may the best gear win.


Not so hard yarded for them, since they are practicing “accurate recreating” popular gear for manny, manny hard and long winters. :joy:


Yep… and they aren’t always good at it.
But… they have the occasional hit and getting better.


Let us just hope not everione starts to copy now, becouse in few years there will be nothing to copy from :roll_eyes: and than we are stuck in an endless circle of deaths and births of a clones :nauseated_face::busts_in_silhouette:
Actually , didn’t make that one up, there is this guy Adam Curtis, he made a movie about it with Robert 3D Del Naia from Massive Attack.


Optimisitcally, the best outcome would be if cheap clones force other manufacturers to innovate more and we’ll see some more interesting synthesis in hardware (re-synthesis anyone?).


I’m not saying they’re the saviours of anything :wink: Just another alternative on the landscape… Almost all companies are focused on $$, I think it’s unfair to single behringer out for that… Behringer are Wombles, ‘making good use of the things left behind…’ :wink: If they can do business this way without breaking laws then kudos to them for seeing the gap/opportunity and getting there first… these aren’t the first pieces of hardware cloned…it’s just the scale, transparency and price that sets them apart from other clones.


I mean the exact same design even on the inside. I know since Ive compared them next to each other.


I know you ate not saying that, sorry if it looks like i am , its hard to communicate like this on forums, but i think we are doing really good job here. Never had such a civil discussion about behrinver, i am relly proud of us all and i am not joking.
So jeah, my general impression is this is not you saing that( saviour thing and saving poor musicians), it is what behringer is using as its strongest marketing parole , but its BS.


I dont think anyone would complain if the just cloned vintage design.

If it actually happened to any of you who defend them I dont think you would be as happy about it. Selling it for half the price without having to the original R&D and market research.

Just a couple of examples.


If they’re cloning stuff that’s current and has a current IP/patent etc then yeah, different story. But how are they allowed to do that legally? Genuine question.


So when Behringer does it it’s wrong but there’s nothing similar between the Launchpad, Ableton Push and (with some imagination) the Akai Force? Most guitar pedals have the exact same form factor, placement of knobs and in/out jacks and some of the basic circuits like overdrive etc are probably just variations of the same. :man_shrugging:

I’m just being devils advocate here, but some things might be just design efficient and needs to be done a certain way? Why are black and white piano keys everywhere?


Behringer: The Aldi of music tech.


This topic is a happy playground compared to the total warzone the Behringer 303/808 thread has become on GS. So many deleted posts there :smile:


yeah, it’s ridiculous. Behringer has made some shameless clones but saying the crave or the neutron are a moog-mother clone is just super silly.
It’s not like moog is the only company allowed to build semi modular desktop synths


I think you need to look closer to them then if you think its ridiculous. All the switches and all the knobs are there doing the same plus all patch points are the same, they are not even trying. The VCO are changed to 3340, amazing.


There are some similarities, but also a lot of differences.
There is also the point to be made that both synths reflect the standard subtractive synthesis signal flow in their design (reading from left to right) that is logical and has been around for ages. Considering the patch points, I am also not surprised that they both have a lot of overlap because they are both single OSC subtractive synth and pretty much have what I would expect for a synth of that size.
The sequencer though seems to be very much cloned, which is a shame because it’s one of the worse things about the moog mother :sweat_smile:


they literally have no shame.


Im not talking about overlap its the exact same thing. I mean two multiple outputs one multiple input and I could go on like that.