Text to vocal plug in

How y’all. I’m looking for a plug in or app that can take text and turn it into a vocal or spoken word. If anyone knows of such a thing, I’d appreciate it.


If you are using MacOS you could just use voice over/screen reader.

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not a plugin but for those after a quick fix for 80s speech synth this is fab:


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Amazon offer a service , it’s used on a lot of apps/ phone lines etc.

No idea if it’s free but can sound very realistic

Search Amazon text to voice and something will crop up.

This is all great. Thanks!

Windows only, but lots of fun ~ VST Speek

if anyone has an lead on a HaL 9000 text to speech solution post it up

A really great free option is Plogue’s Alter Ego - Alter/Ego

For more ultra-authentic renditions of various classic text-to-speech then I’d heartily recommend Plogue’s ChipSpeech - chipspeech

@captain8 - I believe HAL9000 was a human actor, but the famous ‘daisy bell’ song can be had with the ‘Dandy 74’ voice within ChipSpeech.


Alterego is really great :+1:t3:

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yep, I just figured someone woulda cloned him by now, thanks for the tip though

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If on windows, apparently there’s a built in Narrator.

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Chipspeech is the bomb.

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Vital synth has a text to speech oscillator

Nave has a great feature ‘talk’… the text you enter becomes a wavetable. You can sweep across it at different speeds pitches etc. Extreme robot voice though!

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TTS used to be a feature on mac, not sure if is still the case as have not used a mac for at least a decade.


Easy on a Mac.
I auto sampled the OT manual that way :wink:

yes it’s still the case :

curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/faqteur/3d3abd9525f9391f3012739a1f7767fd/raw/ed33869392721ef0bfe018cfc5f028be62605dbf/filtter_happier.txt | say -v fred -o fitter_happier.aiff