[ Templates ] DAW, Overbridge & settings (Mac)

Yeah I just see ok nice to know so THANKS Insect :wink:

Ok so you should process like me… No hard drive plugged if possible. Only Overbridge devices on Overhub or Multi TT hub… or Elektron plugged on as many as request USB port to match the number of Elektron device you have on MAC. And then Overbridge session… Setting I give you and see what’s happening then :wink:

the Less USB plugged during OB session the best it is :wink:

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I use the Focusrite Clarett 4Pre with an Imac 27 (late 2012 i7).
Absolutely great sound card with good pre and very low latency, i recommend it.
I normally use 64 buffer under Logic and Bitwig.
I also use Bitwig and i can say it works perfectly on OSX Yosemite with Overbridge.
I prefer Bitwig over Live because its less expensive and IMO has better workflow.


Does anyone know how to get good sync with Logic Audio ? Is that even possible ? Thanks.

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Try to put Safety Margin Buffer at 25… you should get closely then (also small size buffer but normally you can’t do anything else as medium and large are not supported…)
I can be pretty close to Live and Bitwig with this values :

Settings are Buffer at 64 on both Logic Pro X (Small size ! medium and large are not supported by Overbridge) and Overbridge if you have problem pass it at 128
Margin is at 25 (same if problem pass it at 50/75)
Template is 16bits (or 24bits) - 48000 same in the Overbridge plugin (adapt it depend of how your working)
Don’t forget when processing with the HEAT to put back safety margin to 75/100 depend of your system overall performance

NB : @sovietpop Try with Internal Soundcard and only Overbridge Device too only to record OB Stream :wink:

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Thanks , seems to work ok for some time but when im recording its getting out of sync, maybe because im using the a4 at the same time.
To record i send the audio to a bus and record from that bus to an audio track.

You’re doing a great thing and I respect it, but it just seems a bit much just to use the AH. When does a person have time to be creative?

Sorry I’m not sure to understand. I haven’t elaborate a dedicated Analog HEAT Template exactly because there’s so much way to use it. However, [ 2 Audio Tracks ] or [ 1 audio Tracks + 1 Effect Track ] is perfect with the Analog HEAT one for processing, one for resample the processed back. That’s all. There’s just the Safety Margin Buffer to put to 75/100 as the AH will not handle 25 and 50 at least on my iMac the Heat doesn’t handle this values.

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My bad… I’m just rethinking certain things with Overbridge and the issues I’m having with the AH and I replied to your posts haphazardly. Peace.


What’s your issues with AH @BzNHz ?

As I wrote to support…

I installed Overbridge and all the necessary requirements for the AH and had it working properly in Studio One 3. I placed it on a track, tweaked the settings and rendered it with the results coming out not well. Then I decided to render it in real time and the results were great, but after I turned off the AH plug in on the initial track and loaded another one on the rendered track, the AH wasn’t processing any sounds. The meter was moving in the plug in but no sound was coming out and it said inactive. I tried connecting it manually and still nothing. Oddly when I switched over to the Overbridge control panel the AH was shown as connected. What do you think the issue is? I also want to mention that I got the Blue screen! It crashed my system twice so far and messed up everything on it both times. My network connections, my waves plug ins licenses are not in the waves manager control panel and now I’m hearing static type sounds through my chain.

On a pc

If you mean Bounced OFFLINE that’s because AH doesn’t support it. it’s physical processing so it’s need to be processed in REAL TIME… That’s why I speaking about 2 audio Tracks one for process, one for resample (REAL TIME) the processed back.

As it’s stated page 20 :
Overbridge plugins do not support offine (non-real-time) rendering/freezing of the arrangement. It only supports real-time rendering. Examples of DAWs that support real-time rendering well are Cubase and Renoise. Most other DAWs only support offine rendering.

but after I turned off the AH plug in on the initial track and loaded another one on the rendered track, the AH wasn’t processing any sounds.

Don’t run multiple instance of Analog HEAT on the same project it will confused the device. Move your plugin where your want to process (Or better SET it up somewhere once and don’t touch it again and send the signal where it is by audio routing option or to an effect track) rather to deactivate and open a new instance of it on another track.

Yes I’m aware and that was exactly the same response the support gave me. I then replied …

Thanks for replying I’m greatly appreciative! As i mentioned earlier with different words, I routed the output to my mixer and recorded the Heat processed track with no problem. It worked, but when I deleted the AH plug in and loaded another instance of the Overbridge, it didn’t work. I was seeing audio passing through the Heats levels but there were no sounds. Also the status said inactive. I then tried to connect it manually through the plug in but that didn’t work. I received a prompt to reconnect the device, so I turned it off to turn it back on, thinking that would work. However when I turned it off I got a blue screen saying sorry something went wrong and the computer sent data to Microsoft I assume. So i reset my computer and it loaded back with my network down and my waves licenses missing. I fixed those issues and went to try AH again with Studio One 3 and I experienced the same thing. The only thing I did differently this time is go into the settings and took off the Overbridge setting. Then I experienced the blue screen again. Idk why it isn’t working now and it was working wonderfully before. Please help! My computer is based around an AMD

Fx8150 with 32gigs of ram running Windows 10 professional. I have a Digigrid IOS as my interface.

Also want to mention that in the Overbridge control panel it said that the AH is connected the same time it said it was inactive within Studio One 3.

Thanks for these Logic templates. Did some more testing and its better but not perfect.
1-Sometime i am missing the first beat when i press play.
2-If my Rytm sequence for exemple is 4 bar long and i start Logic at mesure 3 it loose syncro unless i use the songPos option but then i am missing the first beat.

Anyway thanks alot for all this info, really appreciated.
Bitwig is rock solid on my Mac using Overbridge so i guess Bitwig it is !

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as I said same for me better oberbridge experience on bigwig studio. Anyway when you can set 1 bar or 4 bars zone to let everything going in sync… like you would do with metronome count do it… when all is recorded you can delete that extra part… it should help.

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Studio One 3 was a complete mess on my computer when I tried in the context to elaborate starting template for Elektronauts. It’s crashed thousand times, killed my licenses too… I simply cancel this DAW from my actions the worst experience ever. I completely forget to tell you that. So I think now it should Studio One the problem. Have you tried and experience the same on other DAW. If I were you I download a 30 day Trial of DAW replacement unless you sticked to Studio One 3 for good reason. Sorry to hear your troubles.

@BzNHz Also another thing never activate or deactivate with the DAW plugin window button but always either with OB dedicated button and on the Analog HEAT itself :wink:

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Just to let you know that Studio One 3 runs flawlessly and more efficiently than any daw I’ve tried, Bitwig included. Lower latency and better handling of OB. I don’t have Heat tho… I’m on Yosemite still


Well so I guess Overbridge experience will be very specific to computer, system and devices + software and different for each person ! so we must realized if it’s the case, what a mess it must be for elektron to get something like to the best for everyone… :frowning: incredible.
Maybe you can post your System Specifications and OB recommendations / settings regarding Studio One 3 here @4.33 :wink:

Nothing special - AR and A4 running maximum channel count @ 64 buffer in OB together with 128 buffer on my beat up NI audio komplete 6. I can even more or less comfortably send OB audio to Octatrack and route back to Studio one (which I can’t do in bitwig due to increased latency)

So finally I got Overbridge working in Logic X 10.2.4. I had to mess around a bit with Logic internal audio buffer and working buffer settings. But this gives me a nearly on the grid sync with less latency:

Apple Macbook Pro I5 2,3ghz
El Capitano

Logic setting:
44.1 or 48 khz
buffer: 256
working buffer: small
audio treads: 4

buffer: 256
margin: 150
clock mode: song

A4 + AR runing stereo channels into logic … WORKS! :slight_smile:
Not recorded yet nor tried to add some more plugins (delays, eq, etc …) … but you can always add later.
Will do some more tests (incl. additional syncs via USAMO to other gear) over the next days. For me it works now.

BTW … somehow the audio from Overbridge sounds better in Logic than in Ableton :wink:

Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone!

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