Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I hope I’m not belaboring a point, but I have a question about the buttons / keys on the OP-Z. How do they compare to those on the Pocket Operators? I have a PO-20 and sometimes find that my finger has lifted without me realizing it (especially in combos, like when working punch-in fx). I’m sure part of it is due to having the protective case, which dulls the senses a little. I keep going back and forth about the OP-Z. It’s a work of art (in my opinion), and seems incredibly capable. However, I worry about being let down by the user experience / interface aspect. Thanks!


The knobs are totally fine and do not compare to those on the po´s. The got a nice feel and I got no trouble using them, They do not “glitch” or so, at least on my unit. I read about units which have problems with double buttons presses etc. … but I am lucky that I can not confirm this for my unit… lovely device, go get it if you got some spare money, you can also sell for a price atm if you do not like it… And its totally fine to use without screen since I got no IOS based device…


The UX/UI design is imo one of the best I’ve seen for this kind of instrument. Of course, it requires some initial learning, but it’d be difficult/impossible to make something as (relatively) minimalist as the OP-Z without the user having to spend a bit of time getting used to navigating it.


got the oplab module for the opz today

i can’t seem to get the second out drum trigger working … has anyone else got one and got this to work ?

i followed the instructions but it isn’t working for me, also the module is not showing up in the ios version of the opz software … prob needs an update …

cv and gate work fine

other than that quite a fun machine looking forward to getting stuck in


Do a factory reset and everything should work. Just be sure to backup your work before you reset.


Spent the last five weeks in hospital so during a flying visit home I recorded this.

I’ve spent a load of time with the Op Z as I’ve had little else to do being a patient. I’ve a load of songs done on it but this was the first I did so thought I’d do a quick recording and video.

Back in hospital now but they let me bring in the Techno system so I’ve lots of toys to pass the time with now :slight_smile:


Get well soon Davy!


Get well son mate


I was wondering where you’d gone only the other day Squire. I thought maybe you’d had enough of us after your last stint in the cooler.
I’m sorry to hear you’ve been crook and hope for your speedy recovery.
The TS in hozzy? You are a one Davy!
Get well soon buddy.


All the best :)!

Get well soon!!


Hope you’re well Davy


Thanks all above for the kind thoughts. :slight_smile:


Was there some de facto hard case for this? I remember seeing something similar to the Traktor cases, black with a zipper or something… could someone point me to a cheap bombproof case? :heart:

EDIT: Found it! ” Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case”


Hang on. Wait. What?

That is really, really cool. Explain to me what’s going on?


You know it. Once a pattern’s gone, it’s gone…!


Ok, im gonna Try to break it down,.

I map each parameter on the OP-Z to correspond to the same parameters on Digitone.

So when I change the attack on the OP-Z the attack changes on Digitone.

Punch in effects and step components are transmitted via midi so I can use Digitone in the same matter (on those tracks) as I would use the internal synth engines.


Can anyone confirm weather linking tracks works with the sequencer or just playing the keyboard manually? I can get my tracks to link manually but not thru the sequencer …


That is … really cool. Thanks for sharing the process, boss! Great sounds.


I asked on the Facebook group and someone confirmed that yes linking tracks only works while manually playing the keyboard.

But if anyone can help me out with the configuration files on my computer that would be great. I tried to change the parameter reset setting as well as I add the other synth engines to the subfolders and nothing saved when I ejected… I’m sure I’m doing something wrong?


Having a lot of fun using the OP-Z as a midi sequencer for one of my V-Machines lately.

I’ve setup a 16 midi channel multi setup on the V-Machine running 2 instances of NI FM8 for bass and pads, 2 instances of FB Mono/Fury for bass and arp, 2 instances of Samplelord for the strings, drums, piano and bass, 2 delays, 1 reverb and 1 (master) compressor completely maxing out the 1 GHz CPU on it.

Using all kinds of midi cc’s to manipulate the sound in real time which makes the OP-Z feel like a whole new beefed up instrument sound quality wise using only the provided usb-c cable.

The V-Machine also provides power to charge the OP-Z battery which makes this a very small, fun and really capable setup :slight_smile:

Here is a little jam with the setup.