Teenage Engineering OP-Z


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As a former owner of an op-1 and a current owner of a PO35 and a PO32, I’d say the OPZ looks more like the natural progression of the Pocket Ops (as opposed to OP1 rev 2) as sort of a mega pocket operator, which is a good thing imo. That intuitiveness/versatility of the two Sonic Charge collabs specifically (Speak and Tonic) really give me high hopes for the OPZ. From all of the demo’s from the beta testers I’ve seen, it looks like the experience will be quite similar to the Pocket Ops in that they are kind of hard to describe but make a lot of logical sense once you actually start playing one.


Gear4Music still available to pre-order https://www.gear4music.com/Keyboards-and-Pianos/Teenage-Engineering-OP-Z-16-Track-Synthesizer-with-Sequencer/1GXT


Sorry if i’ve missed this somewhere but does the ‘Z’ have stereo aux in and is it a usb host?

Wondering if I have an OP-1 audio routed into the Z (or vice versa) can I have the OP-1 usb-hosted by the Z too and easily drop samples across to the Z?

That sort of integration would be interesting…


Details are on their webpage.
Includes ins : outs : usb details.

There was a rumour of updated op1 firmware to play nicer with opz but I wouldn’t assume it’s real until it’s downloadable.
As very few are out in the wild the more specific questions are unlikely to be easy to answer yet.


How much sample time/memory does the OP-Z have?


Is there any information on how many different synthesis engines this will have?


I don’t think I’m allowed to say yet


great to see OPZ finally arrived. I really hope they will do fine, TE is such a cool company and OPZ seems to be a labor of love. I probably will pick one up later this year but not before @cuckoomusic is (hopefully) doing a nice walkthrough :+1::+1:


whether OP-Z is a usb host and has stereo input remains to be revealed.

hopefully host as this makes for much more interesting usage without a pc in the middle.


It’s interesting that the yellow CV module that was posted above was labeled ‘oplab’.

Glad I still have an original Oplab, which I’ve recently begun to use again… as an USB host. :slightly_smiling_face:

I may be interpreting things wrong but when I thought of OP-Z ‘modules’ I imagined them to be software, not physical. So this is pretty exciting. It also reveals certain blind spots in my own imagination. TE is good at doing that with their designs.


That’s true, but it’s also a lot more expensive than an Electribe 2 Sampler, for example.

I think a lot of the appeal in this is the novelty, the form factor, the design, the workflow, the expansion possibilities, etc. From first impressions it doesn’t seem to have the magic of the OP-1 for me, though. I don’t find it as interesting a synthesizer. The OP-1 is a great sound design machine. Just MHO. Infinite respect to TE though.


Am I the only one who thinks that their marketing failed super hard on this device?

For me its still hard to grasp what this device can do, yet its up for preorder. And there is literally zero information on their homepage afaik.


There’s quite a lot of information on the preview page, https://www.google.de/search?q=op-z

TE’s marketing has been “organic” style, through YouTubers and info-leaks, which I think has been pretty effective at getting it nice and hyped. There is more than one in-depth walkthrough of the thing on YT if you want to see it before ordering it.


Here’s the direct link if you wish to learn more. Now you know. :slight_smile:


2 year stand by battery life but no mention of in use batter life?! Odd.

Thumbs up for USB C though - wish more would take that plunge.


Yes the portability is a big deal here, fortunately it seems that quite a few manufacturers are making fairly portable ‘compose anywhere’ gear now, currently TE and Synthstrom are leading the field here, offering fairly complete ‘workstations’ that are small enough AND have decent battery life AND can be integrated into a studio/larger setup when needed.

I know a lot of people hate small gear (I’m sure Freud would have something to say about this :joy: ) but plenty of people seem to like it, and there are more than enough full size, power hungry, behemoth synths out there for those who need them, so it is nice to see modern, small, great sounding and powerful instruments becoming more common IMHO.



Already sold out. With this funny yellow bag … :slight_smile: This was fast. Received the mail yesterday, read it today. By mid-october we will see what the machine can do for the ordinary producer :wink:


Still super vague information about how it works. Since the concept is kind of esoteric for a groovebox, I think a video would make so much more sense than words :confused:

But I guess this is jsut a small first preorder batch for early adopters/voluntary beta testers who buy their stuff blindly anyway

Guess I’ll just wait…


The ‘2 year stand by’ battery life is similar to the OP-1.

Now, imagine a device that didn’t require the energy to drive a large OLED display. So, in other words, the battery should last at least as long as an OP-1 in use. Very clever thinking on their part.

Also, whatever the merits of the pre-order bundle, at least the USB C to USB A cable is included.