Teenage Engineering OD-11

Is it still worth it?

Really depends how you plan to use it, and what you compare it too.

I considered it, but did not go for it because it did not work with my streaming service of choice (Deezer).

It’s a good looking high quality device though.


I’ve had one for some years now and I adore it. Sounds fantastic and works flawlessly.

It was, however, about £300 cheaper when I bought it. And even then, exorbitantly expensive.

technically it´s a little bit outdated. audiowise there are a lot of others (better) choices. (audiopro which supports nearly everything with outstanding audioquality).

if you are after the te-design, i don´t know many other options. maybe the braun le speakers, which unfortunately are tested with a poor sound…but they look nice!

Thanks everyone for the insights so far. As I would like to stream via AirPlay it seems to be a good choice. However regarding the price I am pretty unsure to buy one.

TE updated the OD-11 to Airplay 2. Bought one online yesterday. Can’t wait. (✯◡✯)

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Got mine. Have to return. No possibilty to turn it OFF with a button. Lacks Bass.