Techno TrabanT

all ableton


I am almost pretty sure this is not a trabant.

How do you get those screaming 303 sounds? Nicely done!

And what’s with the end? You thought I wouldn’t listen to it till the end? :tongue:


H brilliant. I don’t even care for techno, but I just can tell you had a grin on your face and enjoyed making this! I love that!!!

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that 303 ish is a stock instrument in ableton version 9 called Fat Leather Bass

fursoup for collect and save (7.9 MB)

here is the project file


Good stuff, Mr. T!

Greetings from your old Rytm.


shit? you got my Rytm? with all my patterns and sounds that I couldnt delete?

You seemed quite worried about your stuff on there when we met, but please worry no more! :slight_smile:

I deleted most of it and genuinely don‘t care about whatever is left in some dark corner of the device.

May I ask why you couldn‘t delete them?

hi, weeeh… cool that my “stuff” is still alive somewhere …

I dont knw why I wasnt able to delete it, … after all I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen