Tb-03 with Elektron sequencer

Hi! I’m using the sequencer on my syntakt to control roland tb-03. When I’m trying to send midi cc to control slide parameter (portamento) nothing happens. What do I do wrong?
Sending cc 102 to full value. Tried to play with notes length but nothing changed. All other cc are working fine with this synthysizer though

Do not send MIDI CC 102, just overlap the notes to create slides. As soon as you send CCs then overlapping notes stops working.

Make all your notes 0.5 length (32nd notes) and then increase to 1.5 length when you want a slide.

That doesn’t quite work with the TB03.

If you don’t use CC 102, it slides everything - including when there’s no overlap.

Just use your syntakt as 303 :wink:


That’s exactly how I did it but I still don’t hear slides

Not in my experience