Sytakt overbridge individual tracks quiet

Hi, I know this has been talked about with regards to the digitakt but anyway, using overbridge in ablton, through the main output the tracks peak at about -8db but when i monitor the individual tracks, with the gain turned all the way up and trig velocity at max the tracks peak at only -24db, why is it so much lower than the main output? Isn’t -24db much to low? Is there any way to change this or is it intentionally this low?


headroom for the overdrive, sweeping high resonance filters, etc.

It’s 24 bit so, at least on the digital machines side, noise won’t be an issue.


ok, I did read about the headroom thing, i just thought -24db was a bit drastic, perhaps not. Do you need to run Ableton at 24bit too?

Actually saying that I think Ableton runs in 24bit by default by the looks of it

I hazard a guess that Elektron goes for a “worst-case” scenario when making this the default: maximum gain and overdrive across the board in the hardware.

If you’re using Ableton, the easiest way to deal with it seeming too quiet is to just use a Utility plug-in on each track to add some gain.

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Im cool with that. Out of interest, why is the main output of overbridge so much louder than the individual outs?

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