Sysex machinedrum

Hi, i have monomachine mk2 and was trying to pass some.sysex but i cant, i have the cable y downloaded c6 and some packs from elekteon website then y slot then sysex and sysex rec mono go to waiting…, in mac in.c6 y select theachinedrume put.the files and send load mac send says sended but mono still in waiting and nothing carges :(,

I think you are seeing them connected in c6. Just asking, are you updated to the latest OS on your Mac? I had the same issue in my windows machine until I changed the interface. What kind of midi to usb are you using?

Do you have a MM or an MD?

What cables do you have connected?

Which packs are you trying to install?

That cable mac doesnt have actualizations more is sierra 2012

Md, elektron releses patches in the website for md

Md is 1.63 think is the last

Zorry md md md not mm jajaj hey confused

What is the manufacturer and model name of your “cable”? It is possible that it is not capable of sending SysEx messages.

Hi maybe re check your connections what interface are you using? to send the sysex? elektron TM1? or another

  1. on the c6 config window check the interface youre using…
  2. connect your cable so make shure it works or change the midi cable
  3. send or backup your MD syssex to the computer (this way you can verify you’re connected to the mac

in my case the connection some times are not plug and play so
hope this helps

In my opinion, there is a high probability that your cable is not capable of sending SysEx messages.

That cable is likely not going to send sysex right. You need a higher quality USB->MIDI solution.

i bet you are correct. The logic board in the USB to Midi device they are using might filter out or not translate Sysex messages because they come in bursts as opposed to simple midi data. Or C6 is sending at a speed that the USB to Midi cable they are using is slower speed than the transfer.