Synth Stand, from the ground up


Looking online for a synth stand to put next to my desk. The idea is to rest my performer on it in a way that I can still hover it over my desk if I need to.

Any ideas? I’d prefer looking at current solutions before going the diy route.

A picture to illustrate what I’m kind going for, this, but then the perfourmer on a stand on the ground:

A heavy duty music stand is the cheap and possibly close enough solution. A nice monitor arm with a laptop tray is the nicer solution.

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Oo, I don’t think of that. Like an arm with a vesa tray?

Exactly - tons of options on both arm & tray side. Pay attention to the arm’s capacity as you don’t want a light arm for the perfourmer or a gorilla arm for M:S.

Also, a variant of the music stand is the “projector stand”. Often they have a much smaller lip, sometimes on both long edges but otherwise operate similarly to music stands. Can be better for gear.

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I have my main pieces of gear on VESA arms and will never go back to any other solution. I can seamlessly convert from sitting to standing, pull gear closer when using, push it away when not, and leaves my desk free for keyboards, laptops, or my lunch.

I use a few of these.


Yup, laptop stands are great. I keep one around for gear that needs to move around the studio:

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This one was a game changer for me, I was skeptical at first, but when I am looking at it, I can hardly believe what fits on it

How bout a mayo stand like dentists and doctors use? Adjustable height and legs only on one side so you could hover the entire thing over your desk if you wanted to