Syntakt standalone music

Awesome stuff! A future Syntakt purchase is starting to look more and more likely to me.


Great track! Doesn’t sound too syntakty to me.

What is the difference between Ambient and Psybient? Psybient is more psychedelic? :slight_smile: Like more delay or more trippy?


Loving it!

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an, i am always trying to get sounds like this out of my synths. it is even harder with the analog stuff i normally buy, obviously. but i think this machine is going to make me very happy

sounds incredible, thanks for sharing

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Thank you @Uija! The Syntakt is a great Groovebox (one of the best from recent years).

I wish I knew: Psy-X genres


Ok, you are Substan. I didn’t remember your Nauts pseudo. I’m a lunatic.


Sounds great Tchu and I love electronic dub. I have a dub band and composed all my tracks on the Digitone. It’s great for that so good to hear the ST is too.


Great track @substan. Glad to hear the ST can sound this solid :ok_hand:


Thanks for the feedback! From a guy coming from an Electronic Dub Band, I’m honoured.


Was trying to see if Syntakt’s DVCO could do something James Holden-ish. I don’t think I succeeded here but I was satisfied that with more care put into sound design, p-locks and LFOs adjusting detune, balance, filter stuff, overdrive, and osc config, you could get something pretty lively and gnarly.


Lovely drum sound also. What machines are the hat/cymbal and the snare?


Got it yesterday

first quick sketch. Recorded the seperate tracks in ableton and then rearranged a littlebit. All sounds straight from the Syntakt



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Thank you @Kegeratorz! I really appreciate that you took the time to listen and comment.

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More information than you asked for, but:

The cymbal is the analog cymbal machine (oh classic) layered with cy alloy.

oh classic has some overdrive, I changed the noise color, added some low pass, and a free running random lfo on decay.

cy alloy has a sine wave lfo modulating overdrive. I think all I did was adjust the decay and apply a tiny bit of lpf.

The analog hat is running into the fx track and gets pseudo-sidechained along with the dvco bass lead. There’s also a hld random lfo applied to the analog filter.

The snare is a digital sd vintage layered with an analog sd classic.

sd vintage has a bit of pitch sweep, punch applied, longer decay, slightly adjusted harmonics and whatever fcmp is, max overdrive, resonant lpf, and hld random lfo applied to inharmonics.

sd classic has a longer decay, added snap, longer noise decay, louder noise level, and 75% overdrive, and an hld random lfo on filter frequency.

I lowered the volume on everything to get them to maybe blend a bit better, but probably not well enough listening back.

The kick is BD Modern.


nice :slight_smile:

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Lydian Locrian and ends on Major… sweet but with some grit.


Thanks for the rundown. :+1:

Thanks for this, very Sphonglelesque, great vibe, nice composition!!

And another one that sounds great on phone speakers as well.