Syntakt mono audio outputs

Is it possible to send some tracks to LEFT audio output and others to RIGHT to create two separate drums and synths mono groups?

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Yep! You can hard pan any track.
Also I like using any spare LFOs on panning.


Damn for real! Wouldn’t think of panning, thanks!

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Even though it’s so logical lol

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No worries! It’s on the AMP page for each track and can also be an LFO destination.

I’ve seen complaints about the ST not having individual outs for everything, but at least panning them per track gives you two bespoke channels to use.

I’m over here running everything through my Syntakt anyway so all I want is that final stereo signal.

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Keep in mind that delay and reverb are stereo fx so if you use these, then the sound of the channels will leak into eachother. So don’t use the send fx when splitting it into two channels :+1:


so do you use syntakt as end of chain?

i’m currently running digitakt, digitone and syntakt together and have the digitakt at end of chain for that compressor

but i want my entire mix to “glue” together a bit better and people recommended me to have the Syntakt at end of chain

do you use a compressor at all then?

I do as the Syntakt the only Elektron thing I’ve got right now and it’s my hub in a big way.
If I had a Digitakt I would be using it at the end exactly for that compressor though.
I’m just not a sample guy.

Technically at the end of the chain I do use a Zoom H2n for recording and it has a few compressors on it that I have no idea how to properly implement.
I’ll just put one on a drum heavy track at times and I think it sounds cool!

My current setup is: MS-20 mini > Mood MkII > Syntakt > Zoom H2n.

I’ll be swapping the MS-20 back to the Opsix once I do the case mod to make it small, and sometimes I’ll put the Mood after the Syntakt as I’m experimenting a lot with it.

Really, I’m winging it all the time and just going by ear for better or for worse. Music is my favorite hobby but I’m not a pro.
I do music for fun when I have free time so I don’t fret too much over what’s proper.

There are other souls here with much more experience and sound advice.
But I’m happy to chat!