Syntakt+Model Samples or Rytm MK2 ?

Hello community,

I’m new here and I need your help. I got the Model Samples for quite a while now. Before that I’ve had a Model Cycles, but I sold it because everything I created out of the box sounded the same. I mainly make minimalistic techno with some dubby and ambient flavour. I really like to get more analog warmness into my tracks, but I don’t want to have a huge setup. I’m more that „one box for all” guy😬.

My first thought was “ Sell MS and buy a Rytm “. But after the release of the Syntakt I’m struggling with this decision.
Rytm is this analog „one box for all thing” I like. No Midi mapping, sample layering, resample, pads, songmode, kits, etc. 12 Tracks / only 8 voices.

On the other side is the Syntakt. Also analog with 12 tracks (8digital) In combination with the MS 18 tracks in total. And I would be able to send the audio of the MS through the Syntakt without a need of an external mixer. But no kits, no songmode, and for now no master compressor.

So now I just have to figure out what will be the better decision to go for.

Rytm MK2 (with the sample capabilities of DT)
Syntakt +MS ( More tracks / less sample capabilities)

Am I missing something?

I’d say second hand Rytm mk2 would get you the analog flavor plus sample layer in one box. Which you seem to value.
More tracks is not always a good thing, less crowded track are often better.


Without knowing what other gear you have I do like the idea of ST + MS as it will give you (IMHO) more flexibility on it’s own vs the Rytm, which certainly is a very capable machine. With the ST + MS you’d get 8 digital tracks, 6 sample tracks and 4 analog tracks. The combination would let you create entire tracks including synth sounds and bass. Sure, the Rytm has the DVCO which can be used for synth, and the drum sounds can probably be used for melodies, but it’s not really set up to do it as easily as on the Syntakt.

I only have the MS. Doesn’t the Syntakt also has DVCO?

Yes it does. Can have 3 DVCO tracks simultaneously.

Seriously, I love the Syntakt.
But given what you say, I think you’ve already made up your mind and I think it’s a good choice :wink:

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Yes, both have the DVCO, but I’ve heard that the one on the Rytm isn’t very stable (in terms of tuning) while the one on the Syntakt is.

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I have the Syntakt and Model Samples. They pair really well, sync and change patterns together perfectly. It’s almost like they are working together as one machine.

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I really like the RYTM Performance and Scene macros which you won’t get on the other boxes.
I also really dig the compressor, if you take your time dialing it in, it can really add vibe.

Nice to hear. :smirk:

Yeah the compressor is what I’m actually missing on the Syntakt. Maybe they will add one with an update.

I can’t handle more than one Elektron at once so my vote is for the Rytm Mk2

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And with more equipment comes midi implementation. My biggest nightmare. I hate it. But with a second device the possibilities are much more. It’s a really difficult decision.

Is the Rytm MK2 also usb class complaint (Audio/Midi over usb) like DT, MS, etc. ?

Syntakt + 1010music Blackbox is a much better combination:

  • All the bells and whistles of the Syntakt
  • You can use the Syntakt to send midi notes to the Blackbox and play samples there
  • You can layer loops made from either the Syntakt or the Blackbox
  • You slice your loops and reorganize them on the Blackbox

And much more.

Edit: Also Syntakt + Ipad gives you the same possibilities (and much more) for about the same price or less.

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ST and BB… a nice combination.
I hooked up my IPad (AUM) with the MS to expand the setup. But I got frustrated with multiple crashes/freezes of those IOS apps.

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You have to dig on this affirmation, I believe.

I have accumulated a lot of gear and I can state that it’s not always true : you can’t dig deep in each piece of gear as much as you would with a unique one.
Are the sonic possibilities larger with a lot of gear? Yes I guess, although in you case it’s not that relevant: the part where the Syntakt can give you more is the one you ditched with your Model:Cycles, somehow (not entirely true, but still).
Does it really expand your capacities as a musician to express yourself? Not sure about this.
An example : with AR mk2 you can resample, which is very convenient to make up for the lack of a second LFO, but also to capture some happy accident while tweaking the hell out of your machine.
Direct jump is also very interesting…

In your case, given your description of your needs and your taste, I’d say go for an AR and explore the hell out of it!! :slight_smile:

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Maybe I should go that way. I really like this one (groove) box factor. Only working with this one device and get the most out of it.


OMG :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

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