Syntakt - maybe adding Octatrack?

Hi all -

If I added an Octatrack, is there a way to trigger patterns from another machine? or would i build up songs independently in each machine, and manually select what patterns would play? so the only connection between the machines would be Midi Sync,

is that how it would work?


Yes. You can do it that way if you want.

Yes. You’ll want to use midi if you want both machines to play in sync. Audio connections depend on if you use a mixer, or if youll choose to run the OT through the ST or vice versa.

Basically the answer to all your question is, yes you can.


fantastic! thanks for taking the time to help me. :+1:

I recently set up my OT to be the master clock for my Digitone. You need to tell the OT to send program change (i.e. pattern change) midi signals and tell the other box to listen for midi program change signals. I then routed OT output to the DN input and ran the DN to my computer. That setup worked well for me.

Fair warning: the first time you set up midi sequencing, there will be a learning curve (and probably some swearing).


Ha ha ok I’ll prepare my self!!! :rofl: thanks guys, super appreciate the advice

This is me swearing right now :triumph:

I’m not helping myself by using tempo per pattern and pattern length per track :slight_smile:


You know, I think ive just realised the same! And on two machines too!! Oh welll, it better sound good in the end! :joy:

I’ve ended up using Studio One sequencing all the patterns on both digitakt and syntakt…

Octatrack has a good song mode, so it pairs with the newer machines really nicely. I had the DT + OT pair for a year or so and they worked extremely well together. DT did the rhythms, OT longer samples & my outboard gear went thru the OT. Versatile and extremely powerful combination.


…in fact, THAT’S the most versatile elektron set u can have these days…an ot and a st…

and hey, in this case ur syntakt can even follow ot’s SONGMODE…