Syntakt audio glitches over USB Audio

So I love this little box, but now want the 12 tracks routed to audio into Ableton…wether I use the standalone or plugin I get audio glitches…tried updating firmware, backdating it, same with overbridge and still have the same problem…my a4mk2 works perfectly…not using a hub, plugged directly into the m1 Mac running Monterey. searched online and nothing seems to be able to fix this issue?

Any ideas?

Every time I try and use the Syntakt in Ableton with Over-bridge on my 16” Macbook Pro M1, I get audio stutters, weird tempo jumps and just odd behaviour. Sometimes I can get things running but it ultimately crashes Ableton. I’m not sure WTF to do. Sorry, I’ve not been of much help. :rofl:

There are some other threads with similar topics but no solutions from what I can see.

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It works without a glitch with Tracktion Waveform om my rather modest Asus laptop.

Give OB 2.3.9 a try. Works without issue on my M1 MAX (Sonora) whereas later versions of OB have clicks and pops.

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Hey, thanks for this. I’ve just installed 2.3.9 and it’s actually working for the first time. Really appreciate the help!


where did you get it from as I can only see the latest version to download?

Here you go, @CreepBeat kindly posted the link in the other thread!

Overbridge & Apple Silicon Audio Glitch (M1 Pro vs M3 Max) - #58 by CreepBeat

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It might be worth combining this thread with the other Overbridge and Apple Silicon thread (however that is done :grinning:), and seeing how the issue transpires.

Awesome, so far seems to have sorted it, thanks…running 1.20a firmware and now OB 2.3.9!!! On Monterey no glitches in Ableton or standalone!!!


@Matmcr @Techno_Assassin

Very glad to hear 2.3.9 is working for you two as well! That confirms that the issue is definitively an Elektron OB issue and not some fundamental flaw with the architecture of the M1 as I’ve seen claimed.

I would definitely encourage you to put in a support ticket with Elektron explaining the issues you were having with latest OB and that those issues do not occur with OB 2.3.9 (I already did so as well) so that Elektron may fix it.

Combining the various recent threads would be a good idea if someone can do that.


Thanks! I will definitely do this. I’ve had constant issues with Overbridge and the Syntakt to the point that it was mind numbingly unusable in this configuration since I purchased the unit in Jan 23. It would be cool to get things 100% working with the next release!

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Ok so i have found another issue……whilst the overbridge suggested sorted most of the issues, using one of the synth type machines, i can hear a small glitch here and there. So i changed the cable and viola……working perfectly, so check your cables first before any updates. The first one i was using obviously didnt have the bandwidth to cope with 12 channels of audio. It works fine with the a4mk2’s 4 channels, but not the syntaks 12…….

Also, never buy cheap usb C to printer usb B cables from amazon……D’oh :man_facepalming::grimacing::see_no_evil::joy::rofl:

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