Syntakt and trying to Live Record midi into it

Any Syntakt users do Live Record using an external midi keyboard and, if so, then find inconsistent/glitchy/zero results? In my case, I am doing something slightly fancy – using software to channelize chords played on my keyboard (one note per channel/track) and record this in Live Rec. mode. Everything sounds great while recording, and everything LOOKs good regarding trigs placed on the Syntakt. What’s weird is the trigs show up properly on all channels, & the individual trigs indicate the right notes (when I look per-trig on each Trig page) and velocities, etc. But it won’t play back!! – just silent… UNTIL I go in and for each trig on each track hold the trig and press YES. It’s like that action, then, initializes it and everything works for awhile.

ps this approach works beautifully on my D’takt and 'Tone so I’m not full of crap I don’t think. :slight_smile: And nope nothing wrong with the Mutes. tia

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There are global mutes and pattern mutes, just make sure it is not a pattern mute (if you use multiple patterns).

Are you using song mode? Song mode has its own mute state for each track per row.

Do you route the voices to the FX block? (Try to route directly to main, check the fx block trigs, envelopes and filters)

Any LFO’s involved for envelopes / filters? (If so, reset the LFO targets or filters)

Can you reproduce the behaviour in a new empty project?

Thanks. It’s not the mutes, not song mode, and not the FX block or LFOs. I will try with a new empty project.

The trigs are visible, where they should be, and all data on the various pages for each track looks good. They just do not sound when I push PLAY! — UNTIL I go in and press YES for each trig… then one by one they work when PLAYing. Weird.

Edit: later — same things happen in a new empty project. Am stumped…

How many tracks do you use for your “syntakt polysynth” and did you try different machines?

I’m pretty sure it is because you have stuck notes : some midi Notes Off are not sent by your computer.

External midi notes have priority over sequenced notes. So if you hold a note, it mutes sequenced notes. If a Note Off message isn’t sent/receive, it is like holding a note.

Maybe you stop before Notes Off send.
Check the poly script if possible. Use a midi monitor, you will probably see that notes off aren’t sent.

This explain that. By previewing you generate notes off.


I use all 8 tracks, and yes I tried with different machines and it’s the same. Seems a midi/sequencer problem, not a synthesis problem.
I have done the same poly hack very successfully with Digitakt and (4 only of course) with Digitone.

Thanks, that sounds like a promising avenue of investigation. I guess the only evidence of Note Offs that have been recorded by the sequencer is on the TRIG page under LENgth. Hmm.
Yes I’m using Max/msp and can easily check the midi data flow.

Ok I rewrote my Max patch following your tip that Note Offs could be a problem. I was super careful about every aspect of channelizing and consistency of the bytes. And it works now so thanks again! Am not sure exactly where the bug was, but no matter since the new one is good.


The weird thing was the recorded length, and the fact it was working with DT and DN…

I use a Rk002, no issue even with midi loopback, playing polyphonically from ST mini keyboard. The values are sent to the 6 voices.
Notes can be held (out of round robin). Really enjoyable. :content:

(I found a midi trick to play notes with their sequenced plocks if interested )

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very cool. sounds wonderful. yes, being able to play a whole gamut of plocked trigs would be very cool. There was an update for Octatrack awhile back that allows that I think, which I used – but no longer have the OT.
I don’t have the RK002 but can just make up whatever I need, usually, with Max/msp.

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Nice one @sezare56!


It was possible to use OT “polyphonically” since the beginning but with a 2 octave range, and unwanted notes putting the mess like stop the sequencer, change track.
The huge thing with the update is to be able to select only chromatic range, slots, or slices (64 chromatic notes !).

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