Syncing Reaper as a slave to Rytm MKI


Hi guys,

I guess this may be obvious for some of You, but is someone willing to explain to me, like I’m 6 year old, how to make impulses from Rytm trigger the MIDI sequences I programmed in Reaper? I hooked the MIDI OUT on Rytm to MIDI IN on my interface, and set Reaper to see it as a clock, but I’m honestly stuck at this point. Yes, I’ve read the manual. I guess if someone has experience with some other DAW it may help as well.


Wait wait :smiley: we discussing you on the irc-channel:
we would like to know… is your goal A:
to sync reaper with the clock from your rythm?
or is your goal B:
to use the sequences on the rythm to trigger stuff in reaper?

if your endgame is A : your problem is fixable… youtube : sync reaper to midiclock … you will find a video that shows correct master/slave settings… and you need to find figure out how to make your AR send out midi-clock on the port you connected to reaper (usb/dinmidi)
its a master/slave thing: so rythm be masterclock, reaper would be setup as slave…

if your endgame is option B: your out of luck afaik the rythm doesnt send out midi, unless you press a button… the sequencer itself will just not send it out at all, except for clock…


this video shows how to make reaper sync to external drummachine

I could not find a video that explains: how to turn on clockout / masterclock for the analog rythm… you might need to read manual for that…