Syncing Digitone and Digitakt

Hi guys! I’m a very new user of Elektron devices. Recently purchased Digitone and Digitakt. It might seem funny, but I even can not sync them together. Could you please explain to me how many ways of syncing there are and what can I get from the certain connection? Also I want to know what kind of cables should I use (mono\stereo), which inputs-outputs should I use and what to choose in Syncing menu of both devices.

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You need two (2) MIDI DIN cables to start, if you want to connect DT MIDI Out to DN MIDI In and vice versa for DN MIDI Out to DT MIDI In. You will need two (2) TS cables (simple 1/4” unbalanced) to connect the DN Audio Out into DT Ext Audio In. Go into the Amp Menu of the DT to turn up the volume of Ext In of both L & R audio inputs. Make sure your MASTER volume knob of the DT is at a safe and audible level for listening.


Midi is the way to do it.

You can get one device to control the tempo of the other, can use the transport controls on one device to start/stop both in sync, can control parameters from midi track knobs or LFO with CC messages, can synchronise pattern changes, etc etc etc.

Go look up Midi. Do your research. What it is, what it offers, the cables used, etc. You can ask google and the elektron manuals, rather than us.


Hi, I currently have one midi cable. Where should plug the midi cable number 2. And what I can control syncing this way?

Thanks! I’m not very good with manuals. It’s seems that my brain :brain: works not so well with technical literature, but I definitely should try more :smile:

You should use the MIDI OUT 1 of whichever device is the master device being used for syncing. As for which you should use as the master device, well… DT can sequence eight (8) external MIDI devices vs DN is four (4).

In the master device, in the Global Menu for MIDI sync, make sure to enable “send program changes” and in the slave device, enable “receive program changes.” In the next Global Menu for MIDI options, select select the choice to sync out/in via MIDI, not USB. For the rest, you have to work out which will be your master/slave devices for syncing MIDI Channels.

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You chose great devices as gateway drugs into external MIDI device syncing. You’ll be adding one more device without a sequencer very soon; controlling it all from either the DT or DN.

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Yes, I’m highly impressed by these devices, and things I used before were lower class. So, it’s a bit difficult to set myself into something new, but sound coming out of these boxes keeps me motivated. I have volca keys and Yamaha reface dx, so after I figure out the basics of Elektron next step is to connect them :joy:

Huge thanks buddy , I bought cables, going to check the connection when they’ll arrive :handshake::wink:

No. Only one MIDI cable is required to enable MIDI sync between the two instruments.


Good, thanks man!!

Yeah. The trick is that midi is one way. But for sync, you have one device control the other, the other device knows it’s controlled – it doesn’t actually need back-and-forth communication. So one cable will be fine.

Interested if anyone has connected both to take advantage of the midi tracks, e.g. digitone midi tracks sending cc parameters to the digitakt audio tracks to access futher modulations of sample parameters & visa versa.
I’ve tried midi loopback on digitakt but am also interested in getting a digitone so was thinking of a way to utilize all those midi tracks without the potential problems associated with midi loopback. Thanks

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Yeah man its Hella fun. Im controlling the Effekts on my Digitone with the midi channels from my Digitakt. You can archive very nice Modulation with a few tweks and only one midi kabel :smiley: