Syncing analog rytm with analog four

Hello all as a first time user for the analog rytm and four i am having a hard time syncing them together via midi. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. i have read other posts of this topic but noting seemed to work. Maybe it could be my midi cable? Any suggestions to get these guys in sync or does anyone know a specific page in the manual that says how to sync them.

Thanks G

OK, can you give a brief overview of how you have set them up? So which cables are connected to which ports, and which MIDI sync settings you have enabled in both machines?

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If AR is the master and AF is the slave:

Connect MIDI OUT of AR to MIDI IN of AF.

On the AR:

  • set OUT PORT FUNC to “MIDI” and OUTPUT TO to “MIDI” in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI PORT CONFIG menu. Page 55 of the manual.

  • activate CLOCK SEND and TRANSPORT SEND in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI SYNC menu. Page 54 of the manual.

On the AF:

  • set INPUT FROM to “MIDI” in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI PORT CONFIG menu. Page 49 of the manual.

  • activate CLOCK RECEIVE and TRANSPORT RECEIVE in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI SYNC menu. Page 48 of the manual.


i dont have the machines in front of me at this moment, so not sure of my settings. will have to get back to you.

Follow @PeterHanes steps above and if that doesn’t work I would try a different cable because yours might be duff


Don’t forget to jack to jack your two units too after all midi settings and cables.

And main out to your speaker the master :smiley_cat:

@PeterHanes @123alastairj thanks guys i will try these settings once i get back to the studio. will keep you guys posted!

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@PeterHanes it works!!! Very cool and simple. lesson learned! thank you!


Hi everyone, I have 2 analog rytm. I arranged all midi configuration with clock and transport send /receive and it works fine, but I have a problem. When I push a button or I move a parameter, like filter frequency for example, on the master rytm then the same appens on the slave one. I would like to make them run together without passing each other parameter but just syncing sequencers, how can I do? Thank you

The quickest method to achieve this is on the “slave” AR: disactivate RECEIVE CC/NRPN in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI PORT CONFIG menu.


Thank you @PeterHanes!!! I’ll try as soon as I come back home!!!

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Thank u very much!! It works perfect!!! @PeterHanes


Hi, I have this configuration, the sync is working fine, but I don’t want a master / slave, just sync, and now some tracks ON / OFF of the Analog Rytm MKII controls also of the Elektron Analog Four MKI. Is it posible to avoid this ?

What do you mean by this? Are you saying that you don’t want Start/Stop on one machine to control the other?

What do you mean by “tracks ON / OFF”? Do you mean muting of tracks?

yes, muting of tracks. I want the syncs syncronized but playing independenly

On the AR MkII, set MUTE DEST to “INT” in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu. See page 58 of the manual.

If you mean that you don’t want the Start/Stop on one instrument to control the other then do the following:

On the AR MkII, disactivate TRANSPORT SEND in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > SYNC menu. See page 57 of the manual.

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Thanks. I disactivate TRANSPORT SEND On the AR MkII, but not set MUTE DEST to “INT”

Thank you soooo much!