Synching the Arbhar w/ elektron

I’m new to the eurorack world and just picked up an Instruo Arbhar to start my new journey.

Does this community have any ideas on how I would sync to two worlds. I currently have a few pieces of gear, eurorack side - disting mkII, Instruo Arbhar and the Instruo Ochd.

I have a NDLR, A4 MKII, Digitone, new and old Electribe and a keystep pro.

I would like to combine the two world and have the master clock being the A4 MKII. I’ve watched a few videos but for some reason I’m not fully understanding still. Wondering if I need something like a hermod because the break out module for the disting is very hard to come by (not in-stock anywhere)

Thanks for any help.


The Analog Four can send clock pulses to your eurorack modules from its CV outputs.

If you want to send a lot of modulation information from your MIDI sequencers to the modules, consider a MIDI-to-CV convertor.


A4mkii cv outs should cover all your needs