Synced Recording on OT without using track..?

My Digitone is having serious syncing issues so while Elektron sorts out the bugs, I’ve decided to sample all the parts I’ve created on it into the OT. The issue is all the tracks on the OT are basically spoken for. So I need to sample the DN and use sample locks to play them.
Question is, do I need to temporarily change a track everytime to do this or can I record in sync without a record trig directly to disk/pool?
I’ve read the manual in the past (several times) and will do so again but thought I’d ask the fam first.

There are eight recorder buffers and you can record in any of those without changing a track.
If you want to playback the record buffer, you have to use a track for playback.

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Will it be a synced recording though (i.e. start recording on the first beat, no dead space before)?

When you use a record trig, yes, it will be perfect.
Turn record trigs into one shot trigs so you won’t override you recordings when the track loops (or manually turn off the record trig).

The recorder buffers are not bound to tracks, OT can sample and playback at the same time. It can even play back while it samples.
So recorder buffers are not machines, that you load into a track, they are basically seperate entities.
Maybe that’s what’s confusing you.

Don’t forget to save you recorded samples, though. Saving is not an automated process.

Btw, page 131 mk1 manual has a tutorial on sampling with the OT. :slight_smile:


Thank you

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Record trigs are also stored separately and don’t interfere with other trigs on a track (that’s why you’ll need to be in the REC1 or REC2 menu to set/modify/delete them).

So you can have a track already full with trigs on every step, but still can set record trigs wherever you want.


That was the thing I didn’t understand. I spent some time in the studio and came to that conclusion tonight and was wicked happy. What an awesome ability!
I keep hitting small bugs here and there but besides those this machine still blows me away even after years.

Besides using recorder trigs, you can quantize manual sampling with track recorders and pickup machines using the “qrec” parameter in record setup 2. You can set it to a number of steps or to pattern length.