Switching machines/parts leftovers


Someobe made a allusion to something similar in a recent thread but can’t find it anymore.

I have a flex on track 1 with a record buffer assigned in bank A part 1. I switch to a blank pattern in bank B (so I have all the machine defaulting to statics, part 1 of bank B

I open the AED of track 1, and I have the contents of the recording buffer displayed although I have no slot assigned yet.

When I do func+yes, the recording buffer plays the content and the track changes to flex until I release the button combo, where it returns to static.

And it does the same thing when I go the other way round: when I go from an the empty static in B-part1 to a populated flex in A-part 1, the AED displays an empty static slot. But the right flex slot is played by the sequencer. Seems like a bug in the AED

Maybe that has been discussed before, I thought I’d mention it, FWIW

EDIT: I had the same phenomenon with fx. I had different fx on a track on the 2 parts (both part 1 but in a different bank,as above), and when I changed I had a leftover. I had a lo-fi fx on a track in one part, and the default filter in the other part. I heard the lo-fi filter but the page was the filter, I cleared the page but that didn’t help, so I opened the fx list and that changed the display back to the lo-fi filter.

All in all, pretty annoying.

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