[Survive]( are Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein and Mark Donica out of Austin, Texas. For about a decade now, they've amassed an unholy amount of analog synthesizers and put them all to good use in Kyle's backyard shack. When half the band, Kyle and Mike, veered off to make the award-winning soundtrack to the [Stranger Things]( series on Netflix, life got a whole lot busier for the band. We Skyped Adam to find out just how strange things are at the moment. [Read the Talk here](


Probably not the news most users are wanting to here from Elektron at the moment :wink:


Not a single like. Ouch.


There should probably be a better category for interviews and sound packs. While I totally dig the interviews there isn’t really anything news related about them.


I’m very sad but I should survive.


Haha yeah when I saw the title and as ‘news’ from Elektron, my initial thoughts were it was going to be an update telling users to hang in there, to just try and survive the current situation :joy:



Small point of pedantry, but I believe their name is written S U R V I V E
(Strokes chin and nods ernestly) :wink: