Survey: are the outputs on your Digitakt the same volume?


I’ve seen some people on facebook say their right channel is louder than the left. I tested it and on my Digitakt the right channel is louder. It happens both with line out and headphone out. In Overbridge it seems fine. Anyone else have the right or left channel louder than the other on the line or headphone out?


I’ve noticed on higher frequency samples on my dt this happens. Not really with bass stuff but like piercing sounds and bells. Not super apparent but once you notice it, it’s there.


I’ve noticed the same thing, thought it was just because I was using a balanced and an unbalanced cable.


A friend’s digitakt has the same problem. It’s a few db louder on one side. Mine is good.


I guess it’s a non issue, or people just don’t care one side is louder than the other?


Have you asked elektron, placed support ticket?


I haven’t but some others on Facebook did, they were told to send it in. I really don’t want to send it in. Curious how many units are having this.