Superbooth 19

Clicked on the link and found no such category “Synthesizers”.
“I want to believe”-X-Files

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I’ve been longing for so long for a digi sized stripped down octatrack where only the slider, effects, looper and 4 input mixer is present.

Like a DJ mixer by elektron.

Is this year the year?

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This has to be it.

When you search for elektron synths on thomann it shows 15 results, but after clicking to view results, only 14 are showed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

C’mon give us the SynthWave already… :grin:


Same goes for Elektron keys category, 15 results found but only 14 are showed after clicking :sunglasses:

My guess - it might be a synth with keys and user waves :hugs:


The page is called elektron_synthesizer_keyboards.html.

Analog Keys MKII?


Why do you guys torture yourselves every year? Have your guesses about Elektron new products ever been right? :slight_smile:


A mono synth EM-101 (elektron mono - 101)

Digitone8 keys; with 8 algorithms and 8 tracks - my guess.


And more knobs …

Everybody always guesses by adding more to something that already exists. 16 voices! 8 tracks! Twice the knobs! Honestly I noticed that of the hundreds of guesses i see every year 98% are incredibly unimaginative and im glad the people that actually make the instruments arent like this.


Polyend teased something new for Superbooth.


if they make it playable live with good UI, than they could compete with this devices. Especially if they make it in a form of overbridge host mixer.

Vacuum tube volca wasn’t on my wish list or anything but that could be really fun at the right price point. I’d considered getting a few volcas for travel/portability as you can get two in a generic Amazon electronics case.

DT with 96 OUTPUTS!


em-101 here… :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s 7 results found for “Elektron Drum Machines”, but only 6 products listed on the results page. So if it means anything (which it doesn’t), it doesn’t point to a product being a synth or with keys.

I see 7 results listed under drum machines, same as quick search suggestion

This “lost” product can be rytm b-stock ( which you can access via normal rytm page or given direct link only but not listed.

Still no explanation for elektron_synthesizer_keyboards category.


The 6 I see

Yeah @Mutt is right, you’re missing the AR mk2 b-stock on your list.
It is the 7th product on my drum machines search result