"sucky" kick thump techniques

I have one thing I really struggle with, where I just cant get my head around it. And that is getting a kick to have a “sucky” kick thump. what I mean by this is the impression of the attack being exponential and not linear. I (think to) know that the attack really isnt exponential and its more an effect.

A good example for this is the Utility Kick Pack from Elektron. They basically all have this. I am thinking of purchasing this pack based on this “effect”

I drew up what I mean, maybe my words dont explain it that good.

How are these kicks processed or generated or whatever to achieve this? I just don’t get it.

I can (and do) use samples that have this sound, but I really want to learn to do this myself. I have the RYTM and would like to get it’s kick (with layers) to sound this way. I just cant figure out how.

I have not found the answer to this in the net anywhere. I really hope somebody can help me unravel this.

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Hi. Looking at your draw, I would say at least 2 layers are needed:

  • one or more for your “normal” kick sound, with attack, body, etc…, but with a delayed start
  • one for the “sucky” effect, not delayed, with only oscillator attack.

Don’t know how Rytm works and if it can achieve this. I use samples for that kind of kicks, in Digitakt or Fruiy Loops, but you made me want to try achieving this with the only thing I own that could do that: Blofeld :wink:

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I edited my post and updated the soundcloud link for direct playback. the elektron pack is a really good example for the type of kicks I am trying to achieve

Snares (and of course other percussive instruments) can also have this “effect”.

The kick machines in Rytm don’t really excel in this kind of sound IMHO, I said it a few times before over the years but the envelopes in Rytm are not my favourites, even the exp LFO does not give a super snappy attack response like say a 808/909/606 or even MD. IMHO.

Best bet is to use samples as @LoomieDarko suggests , either on their own or layered with a synthesis machine, or you will be swimming against the tide and ultimately disappointed when A/Bing against the target sound. This isn’t to say the Rytm can’t do nice kicks but that particular sound isn’t the kick machines strength, IMHO even the transient clicks don’t quite have the snap of say the 808.


thanks darenager. I guess then I can try all I want… so samples it is then

The good thing about buying that pack is you will get exactly what you want, with the added bonus of layering it and other editing to make your own new sounds in addition to those ones. Double whammy!

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don’t have a Rytm but assuming it’s something like a Digitakt… then maybe you could try using an LFO on one shot with the exp curve to modulate a filter up from zero at the start of the attack? Not exactly the same thing, but will sound a lot like it I suspect.

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Do you reckon it could be achieved on the A4(mk2)? I bought your Drumma pack which is great and shows the versatility of the A4 as a drum machine, do you think it could be tweaked to get this effect?

The A4/K is somewhat better for this type of sound than Rytm (IMHO) due to having more options for shaping the transient, for example the envelopes have many more options, and there are more of them. I am working on a Druma2 BTW, although it is taking longer than expected due to lots of other things going on at the moment, but I will try to get some of these type of kicks in there. :+1:


Try using a noise source as second layer. Filter it with an envelope and try different filter types. This will create an airy feel.

If the body of the sound has a slight downwards pitch, the noise amp envelope should be delayed with an decent attack so it intersects with the decay of the body amp. That might give go the oomph and then a lift at the end depending on the right source and settings.

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@loopdude Could you post just 1 kick with an audio file as reference? Utility kicks seem very compressed.

Take the original kick, layer it with white noise/overdrive/bitcrushing, sample that and reverse it, have on a separate track to have play an 1/8 or 1/16 note before the original kick. Adjust filtering, amp level and envelope, even pitch to taste. Best if kept fairly subtle, less is more.

I’ll see what I find and I’ll post it.

I did some further researching, and it seems the MFB Tanzbär excels at this. no processing and the kicks have that lovely snap at the beginning.

maybe a tanzmaus will do

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Roland TR09 also. They go pretty cheap used (around 220 euro). probably the better option, even though digital

hope behringer brings their 909 out soon. should be 299 new and analog

Its funny doing this for so long and realising then you were basically missing out on the most iconic instrument of the genre