Subwoofer recommendations

Hey all!

I have a pair of Neumann KH80’s which I am utterly content with (read: super happy).

They reach down to 50 hz but below that there’s nothing, so I would like a sub woofer to complement. Thing is, if I go with Neumann’s own, it would set me back about 1200 Euros. There are cheaper ones like Swissonics for about 200 euros and everything in between.

Now to the question: what the hell is the difference in all the sub woofers!? There must be differences right? But it’s supposed to show me the levels of a very particular region in Hz. How off could the medium-lower tier ones be?

Other than the features like connections and phase inverts and what not, are the extra 1000 euros worth it for me to pick up a Neumann Sub or should I just go for something around 2-300?

My room is quite small but it has good acoustics for mixing with slanted walls and some treatment and furniture.

I can’t answer the questions about quality or sonic differences, but two key features I plan to look for when getting one for myself are a remote control for on/off and volume and the ability to completely bypass. The Eve Audio subs look very nice for the money, but I’m curious about more budget options as well.

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KRK has some nice fully-featured subs.

Yeah, those are some key features actually. Might agree on having that as essential even. But, like, is the quality of the bass between 30 to say 75 hz really that different between the brands? If anyone could shed some light on this mystery :ghost:

An Eve Audio TS107 would fit the bill perfectly, has all the features discussed above and more. Goes down to 35Hz (and I’d say that’s a very conservative rating). A larger subwoofer in a small room is going to do nothing more for you than cause problems.

I recently purchased the Neumann KH310s, thus I am now selling the above sub should you be interested.

For your convenience:

Is there a matching sub for the Neumanns? I was looking into subs earlier this year and a guy I spoke with at my local music dealer said that he has found that the best results always come from the ones that match your monitors. For that same reason, I’m on the look out for a used Dynaudio BM9S to match my BM6As. I’m too cheap to buy new.

Well yes as i wrote in the top Neumann have their own subs, but they cost five times the price of others. The eve audio looks good though!

Ah yes, apologies, I glossed over that somehow. Perhaps, do what I’m doing and scour the used market for one. Lol.

I would go for a kh800…

Get a subpac instead of a sub

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Oh lord, why would I do that?

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because that is what all the pros are doing now

have you tried

Which pros?

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well, it just seems like a drag to put that on for every mix session, and it seems not really reliable and just awkward to be honest. Additionally, i can’t show a customer or friend the vibrations without having them put on the vest. Thanks for the recommendation, but it will not suit me personally.

A subpac that goes over the chair, ala beaded car seats, would be nice.

that seems to be an option though. still not interested.

There’s one that goes on a chair and the backpack can also go on the chair…

I don’t really understand the “not really reliable” to be honest. Unless your in a studio built and treated by an acoustical engineer a subwoofer of any make not going to be anywhere as reliable as a subpac.