Studio electronics SE1X


Got space in my rack and was thinking about filling it with one of these, not much about on them in terms of YouTube so wanted to hear people experiences?


When I was looking towards one the main complaint was the attack envelope wasn’t as snappy as a Moog. I kind of lost interest after that. Maybe the trolls got to me.


I read this was an issue with the se-1 and was fixed with the se1x


My experience of SE 1 and SE 1x :
I bought the SE 1, eight years ago. I was lurking at it for long time (since i eard that the album Da Chronic, Dr Dree, fantastic bass was made with it). I have been very happy to ear that bass sound and more others, cause the ability of this beast in sound design is great (3 oscillators, 4 enveloppes, 2 Lfo).
But one thing did’nt fit : No midi CC.

I sold it, for the SE 1X, exactly the same beast with CC. But the midi implementation isn’t really satisfying, for my massive use of cc.
I sold it.

The sound is very round and palpable. It sounds hot always, even if playing hight notes.
Barely not agressives tones.
I have not reach to integrate it’s sound in my passed rig, in wich MnM and MD were master pieces of my production. It was difficult for me to makes these three beasts glue together. There was always a gap in the sound between the bottom (SE) and the middle and hight sounds that the Silver’s were delivering.
There’s lot of littérature about Moog and SE sounds comparison on the Web. I always find those discussions a bit boring. But yes Moog and SE 1 sound differents.

Now, I use Minitaur, and as it is less relevant in sound design than SE 1, I find it more easy to play with it and to incorporate its sound in my music. I didn’t compared the two at the same time, cause I sold the SE few years ago, but imho, the Moog get more in the down world. Maybe the sound of Moog is clearer, I mean less muddy. But this last sentence may be discussed.

Edit : muddy sound is not negative criticism or pejorative sens. It just the word I use to caracterise that specific kind of veil on the sound, a bit like A4, with no polemic intention, just descriptive terms.


Wow thank you for such an extensive reply, from what I’ve taken away from it is it might be worth me purchasing and seeing how it works in my workflow, yes midi CC is a bonus for me and a big one at that but I’m also comfortable without it however the design perspective is also intriguing

Once again thank you for your input friend


Also because of this envelopes issue I saved up money for a used Voyager Keyboard instead. How good of a deal is the Se1X?

I heard the boomstar 5089 was 2 osc model D with snappy envelopes.


The se1x has the moog and sem filter I’m not really after a moog emu but more just an interesting synth and I also have a boog model D and Erebus v3 and nyborg 24 to cover those sounds