Stop sample playback when muting pad

hey wondering how to stop a triggered sample when i mute a pad. longer samples will play out till they finish regardless of me muting a pad mid-playback. if i have like a 12 second sample/loop and i mute the pad that triggered it 6 seconds through, i want the sound to cut off instead of playing the remainder (6 seconds) of the sample.

Muting only stops the triggering of the sequencer. If you need the volume on a track to drop out you need to 0 the volume.


yes usually i have to turn the volume down to 0 but its messy when im transitioning to other pads. is there anyway to instantly turn the volume to zero? i wish i could turn the whole channel of not just stop the triggering of the sequencer

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A plock for zero volume with a trigless trig would do it. But that needs to be programmed a little ahead of time and may not be the easiest to do live.


yeah sounds kind of complicated id give it a try if i knew how to do it… triggerless trig part is confusing me … and yes it would be for live performance

Indeed while muting only stops the triggering of the sequencer, you can stop sample playback by muting the pad with some specific settings of the parameters.
By setting the the trig’s length to INF (the parameter len on the trig page, make sure each of your trig’s are not p-locked to a different value), the hold parameter to AUTO on the amp page, and the decay parameter to 0 on the amp page, I believe muting the pad will achieve exactly what you stated here.
What is happening is that because the trig’s length is infinite and the hold parameter is set to AUTO, meaning the hold parameter correspond’s to the trig’s length, the sample will play in its entirety. But when the track is muted, the trig’s length is cutoff, thus ending the amp envelope’s hold stage. This begin’s the amp envelope’s decay stage, which we have set to 0 making the sample end instantly.
I’ve used this specifically for live performance, however if you would like to activate longer samples by finger-tapping the pads live, you will have to hold the pads for as long as you want the sample to play.

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