Stop sample playback when muting pad

hey wondering how to stop a triggered sample when i mute a pad. longer samples will play out till they finish regardless of me muting a pad mid-playback. if i have like a 12 second sample/loop and i mute the pad that triggered it 6 seconds through, i want the sound to cut off instead of playing the remainder (6 seconds) of the sample.

Muting only stops the triggering of the sequencer. If you need the volume on a track to drop out you need to 0 the volume.


yes usually i have to turn the volume down to 0 but its messy when im transitioning to other pads. is there anyway to instantly turn the volume to zero? i wish i could turn the whole channel of not just stop the triggering of the sequencer

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A plock for zero volume with a trigless trig would do it. But that needs to be programmed a little ahead of time and may not be the easiest to do live.


yeah sounds kind of complicated id give it a try if i knew how to do it… triggerless trig part is confusing me … and yes it would be for live performance