Stimming about his liveset with 2 Octatracks


This was good. Stimming is becoming a favorite on YouTube with his candor. He tells it like it is. The most interesting thing was that Instant Mastering Chain device. I’d watch a video just about that, though maybe it’s just a custom box that works best for him, and may not be viable for the rest of us.


I have this set up right now. Although I’m using a friends OT for 2 weeks while he’s at BM. Oh, and I have a AH instead of that mastering thing. It’s pretty much a dream set-up. I started with the DT when they first came out, moved onto the OT, and now feel more comfortable with the OT… And it can do everything. Also love the SH-01. Only difference I think is the music I make isn’t housy. Now I just need time…


When was this filmed? Im pretty sure I read an interview in which he said he wasn’t going to use the SH01 anymore, and also that he would replace the 2nd octatrack with something more ‘hands on’ . Then again, maybe he changed his mind.

Cant say I like his music, but I have a lot of time for Stimming. Great attitude, great approach, interesting mind. Interesting to see how he uses octatrack, everyone uses it so radically differently!

I think he is using the Model Samples instead the 2nd OT right now. The MS only for the drum thing, and the microfreak on stage.

I am a big fan of him.

There is a boiler room chemnitz online where he is using his new setup with ms,ot,microfreak and its nice.


Do you have a link for that?

That’s cool, saw him using the Microfreak live at the end of his review vid but assumed it was just a promo thing.

What is the other synth he´s playing at Chemnitz?

Microfreak, Korg volca Kick, octatrack, model samples.

That’s pretty crazy, I went for the same setup and same way of playing!
Although I have a Digitone for more improvised stuff and a launchcontrol XL to control my Octatrack, the core setup is the same: an Octatrack for the melody stems, a M:S for the drum parts
Super versatile!

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Great, is what I thought.

Is there anyone that knows more about his Mastering Chain device?

It’s a piece that he had custom made. He explains what each stage of it is and what it’s inspired from. Made a brief comment about maybe producing a few to sell. Intriguing piece of kit. He mentions this during the video.

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Hello was nice to watch.

it’s a very powerful setup. And open to anything… practically no limit… Morphing crossover is pretty underrated when it’s time to show what you can do with it.

Note (for me): dont like repeat effects … and DJ stuff… Pitch down effects on the crossfader pretty boring too Don’t do that.

Absolutely the strength of a track should be able to stand alone with out any repeating effects. I prefer almost total silence with some cascading echo.

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sometimes the fx are the track :wink: