Still worth it?

i found machinedrum uw mk2 in mint condition 2 years warranty last batch 825 euro
i have no hardware , first piece
worth it?
another option is save more money for an AR

Worth double that! Perfect first hardware synth/sequencer/percussion synth/vintage drummachine emulator/sampler/effects unit/analog trigger sequencer for your future Eurorqck phase!


i want to combine it with an analog four in near future , what you do think?
i think : MD with A4 effects will rocks !


Take it! works perfect with any piece of gear

I can’t decide on a UW MKII or a Rytm

You’ll need to learn to make your own decisions if you want your music to be different and original!

(choose the MDUW!)


Make sure the MD is UW indeed.
But I like mine more than the Rytm, lately.
It’s much more immediate IMO.


it’s one of the TEN best Drum machine ever done…
Of course it’s worth it.

uw mk2 in mint condition 2 years warranty last batch 825 euro

If you not want at this price I take it :joy:


The sound of each is pretty cool. The MDUW is more socially vast, the AR has a more acoustic vibe to it(it feels like a real instrument is being played), samples sound better on the AR. The MDUW plays better with other instruments than the AR


I’m not used the term “acoustic” it sounds too much like acoustic opposed to electronic (but I get what you meaning with the use of it like … it feels like a real instrument is being played)

To me like immediate sound design the MD is machine models are acoustic ready… so very good for every kind of music like reggae, electro pop, dub, … (The MD is incredible to get all range of weird sounds thanks to its routing and chain"able" LFO)

To me like immediate sound design the Analog RYTM is machine models are electronic ready… so very good for every kind of BASS music like deep, electro, techno, dub techno, edm …

But with sound design skills they both capable !!! and also a very nice combo for musicians who are not exclusively in a music genre and more open musically speaking

there did you found that offer? :smiley:

absolutely NO Machinedrum for sale in Germany - currently. Neither on ebay nor on their classifieds. I see those prices raising in the future … DAAAMN i so want one again :frowning:

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In the essence of making my equipment smaller I was considering trading everything with a sequencer in for sound modules and centralizing it with a Pyramid. That consists of trading my MDUW with a Nord Drum 2 OT something. But I jam on the MDUW with everything. Man, that sound POPS can’t do it! I cannot!

Must admit the more I look into the MD the more attractive it becomes to me. Also I have samples covered with OT. The only thing really that still attracts me to the AR is Overbridge compatibility.

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DEFINITELY go with the MDUW while it’s there. Give it good time. If after you feel you made the wrong decision it shouldn’t be too hard to trade the MDUW for someone’s AR(though, if you can get both-together they’re supposed to be the perfect drum machine. Also you can love record into the MDUW and transfer it from the MD to the AR.)


Both! They are different enough to get both.
Trust me, both elektron drum machines for 2K second hand, blow away $7-10K bucks of : 808, 909, 707, sp1200, mpc60. I always miss my old funk buddy the tr606 and that’s about it.

users have different negs and positives with both machines.

After owning two ARs and 14 mduws; here’s my run down.

Yes, some of negs will be real positives for other users…

At any rate: there are a few things that the mduw struggles with. Storage, ram, analog sound, cold sound, 2.5 meg, 12 bit, C4 transfer, 34? odd ram slots.the DA can get annoying. The sound gets annoying for me, gives me a headache, sometimes with all the digital ringing and its a bright sound. Red eye from the screen!! Ram sampling can stuff up sometimes - a mind of its own.

There are many strengths, which out way the negatives, mostly,: crazy amount of machines which you can assign anywhere, midi seq, deep digital sound, unique ram samplingx4 ram machines on mk2, weird and wonderful soundscapes, 16 tracks, 16 lfos, crtl functions, glitching madness, its deep, it samples. It swings. Its quick to get going and into the groove

AR - weakness - no sampling, analog sound, 8 tracks, less machines and machines are stuck in each track!! , no ctrl all, slow sample transfer!!!, complex at first sight with the files structure, convoluted structure. one LFO!! Pads are weird/sticky at times, but as you use them they wear in. hard to set up quickly, sometimes, compared the Md, and this messes with your creative flow. 128 sample slots per kit is a limitation for good and for worse.

strengths- analog sound, samples sound amazing like an ensoinq/emax/sp1200. its a deep analog sound, it can get dark,
lush compressor, overdrive, long samples (64meg), usb, 24bit overbridge, sample slot locking, killer new machines from 2016, 1 gig memory, sound locks mean one track can sound almost like 16. FM on filter. Fm everywhere from the lfo!!!
Fab DA. i never get tired of the overall sound, it sings to me. It continues to amaze me. Chromatic. The pads. the mute options. Crtal kinda with the scenes and then there’s the strom app. Overbridge with ableton is getting amazing for me; as i can resample from the ar or sample to the Ar from ableton via sds drop.

at any rate, id go for the AR first and pick up a secondhand md later on.


The key … its my first hardware pick
To learn and see next step
AR is almost twice money md
I can save for md & a4

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just buy it you cant lose at that price. you will get it back on resale.


Fair enough, MDUWA4 that’s great combo for say $1600 EU. enjoy

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To combo with an A4 the MDUW is, in my opinion, the PERFECT Elektron drum machine. The crisp digital tones complement and contrast the warm, creamy sounds of the A4. And where the sonic capabilities runs out on one machine the other can pick it right back up.

Also, maybe it was just my lack of diving in, but I wasn’t really a fan of the A4/AR tracks when I had both. Maybe I’m just a rookie, but it had a “drowning in analog” vibe. Too much! Too much!

The AR is great by itself(plus it just feels really cool to make tracks solely from a drum machine). But as far as complementing the A4 I’d go MDUW all the way.

(Never tried OB when I had it)

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Ob is pretty darn good - I’m eating my words now…after my initial criticisms

Everything’s in sync where I can send clips, tracks and samples into the ar from abeltons output and into ar input, compressor, and then back out into ableton
It’s a fimilar experience to that of the mduw resample but with 24bit and a oh so gorgeous analog sound
Solid stuff!