Sticky buttons - any solution?

My number 2 button stays down for 3-4 seconds at times. Kind of makes the thing unusable.

Any fixes for this feature?

They tout the quality of the buttons and yet, ouch, this is REALLY bad.

I’ve read threads where this is the case. But some people found it that it got worse with time. Ok, I’m gonna keep pressing it but will program it last. Maybe the far left and right buttons are best for kick and snare anyway. Less prone to error. But also less prone to chance, too. :thinking:

This problem can be due to the alignment of the controller board with the faceplate. Of course support are best placed to give you any advice. :wink:

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From what I’ve been reading there are 2 causes of sticky buttons.

  • The button itself was not seated properly, the fix is to remove it with a guitar pick or something that won’t damage anything, pop it out and seat it properly.


  • More rare; the pcb inside was screwed in at an angle. This will also cause sticky buttons and the gaps between buttons are not even everywhere. To fix it you, have to open it up (not recommended) and undo the screws the pcb is held in place with a bit. Make sure its straight and tighten again.

These are just my observations, lurking here and in the Facebook groups.


Damn. This blows.

Wish I could exchange it but I’m beyond the return period.

I hope they reply to my support ticket.

They seem to ignore them for the most part or offer a question as an answer.

I must say my new Octatrack is well built.
This is what made me take a closer look at the Digitakt button issue. It’s clearly a manyfacturer defect.

But they typically don’t answer with anything useful.

That does it. I’m gonna go for a Pyramid instead, and use Ableton for sampling duties.

As far as I know in most countries all gear comes with a one-year guarantee, by law?

Really??? Anyway it should have a one-year guarantee from Elektron ??

All elektron products have a three year warranty as far as I know, though not sure how extensive it is. While this doesn’t help with a return, maybe an exchange? There is a new batch of digitakts out according to the latest elektron email.

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Who did you buy from? They may be lenient - Elektron advised me to go through my retailer first before hitting them for a solution on the sticky key issue. I initially hoped for a replacement but stock issues meant a wait of several months. By the time stock was in I asked for a return on a faulty unit with no problems - that was with Juno. Worth chatting to your retailer though.

In my case, none of the fixes worked on my two sticky buttons. Was enough of a buzzkill to return for me. Quick play on chromatic mode, for example, was impossible with those buttons.

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My 1,2, and FUNC buttons were all sticky at first. Went away after a few dozen hours of use.


I saw that. I was hoping they might reply with an exchange option.

Usually they reply with a question and then I never hear from them again.

I hope they eventually reply.

Big mistake.

The Digitakt sounds amazing and the workflow is amazing.

That’s it. That would be $150 with shipping.

Elektron should fix it or replace it per their warranty.

No reply on the support ticket

I’ve already spoken with Zzounds. They are VERY good about returns. But signs of use and beyond the return period means a re-stocking fee.

I held onto it because of postings here saying it would work itself out.

It hasn’t. It’s gotten worse actually.

It’s pretty much #2. It will stay in for as long as 3-4 seconds and slowly come out. Totally unusable for performance.

My plan is to wait.

I have purchased 6 of their machines this year. I’m a good customer. They couldn’t possibly let me down. They’ll do something to make it right.

I was just looking to perhaps solve it on my own.

Not that I can see. It seems to be something going on below the button.

It was like this 3 minutes out of the box.

A little over a month.

My Octatrack buttons are PERFECT.

They feel better than the Digitakt buttons somehow.

I absolutely love the Digitakt. The sound, the workflow, everything about it is killer except for the #2.