Stereo distortion unit

I never messed around with the noise gate, because noise was the goal (haha)…

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Afaik you can’t use it in stereo! It’s not a stereo unit!
It’s either dual mono (but with one channel being one circuit and the other channel another circuit = no stereo compatibility) or in serial for mono signal.

You can read what I’ve posted above recently… it is dual mono technically but not normally serial… if you plug into only one input it can split the signal to both channels, and if you pan those make a sort of pseudo-stereo (highly useful)…

If you run a stereo signal into it it will process each side independently, which you can dial in with similar settings but won’t sound identical (distortion and filters are somewhat different). This is a plus for me though. When I had the Aftershock I made each channel different in the editor to get the kind of results that the JnH does normally… if that makes sense.

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That’s nice when you need such an efx but I mostly don’t

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do you know of any specifically that sound good?

Please give details about what you’re after in a more appropriate thread.

I used to play an old Korg E-Piano through an old-school fuzz pedal in a band and really miss that sound.

Thinking about buying Source Audio Aftershock since its stereo and algorithms can be exchanged/channels mapped. It also has a dry/wet mix knob. Are there any downsides I should be aware of when using it with synths (e.g. not good for line level)? Will the two in- and outputs work as expected when I feed them with two mono cables from the two cue outputs of OT? Did I understand correctly that I could just download presets (meaning algos?) from Source Audio’s other distortion pedals and even user presets and put them on the Aftershock? Or buy LA Lady or Kingmaker Fuzz if they are available cheaper second hand and load Aftershock presets onto it? Maybe @DonovanDwyer can share some more experiences.

I am looking for a pedal that is not too complicated and small, yet has a variety of distortion sounds that make synths sound guitary but also cover other sounds.


It’s been a while since I had the Aftershock but I remember their site saying the algos are interchangable between different pedals of the same type (distortion, modulation etc) so that should work.

I’ve since moved onto Retro Mechanical Labs pedals for the quality of tone, synth friendliness and variety of distortion options. If I were in your position I’d just get two of these (or two of their more esoteric pedals like the 432K, or a dual RML unit) and call it a day:


Thanks for the reply. That pedal looks interesting for sure. But it’s only mono, right? Using two pedals just to feeding with stereo is a bit convoluted for me.

Why would you recommend these over the Source Audio ones?

Not sure I ever chimed in on this thread, but the MTL Too Positive pedal ended my years long search for a versatile stereo distortion for my keyboard pedalboard. Sounds fantastic on my Nord,


How is it on the low end? @xcc?

I use an Aftershock with my Super 6 and it sounds great BUT there is still some deep low end loss.

That’s one of the things I love about it. It’s more of a full range OD without an obvious low cut or mid boost.

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I’ve been using the Acidbox III for the last few months on a variety of stereo & mono sources (MD, synths, entire mixes) and I’m still really enjoying it. It gets hectic pretty easily but I’m finding it really quite nice on subtle settings. Bit of drive with a smidge of resonance with the LPF almost fully open to add a bit of top-end excitement.
Plus it’s black, so it gets extra points from me.


The Fusion Box is not true stereo. The stereo output comes from it being an ensemble (chorus) effect, which means ch2 is identical to ch1, but phase inverted. It’s a weird and gnarly thing, that one. I still haven’t made my mind up about it. I actually mostly use it in mono mode (i.e. just drive/filter/delay, no ensemble).

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Yeah i had one and loved what it does but on some settings the sounds isn’t mono compatible at all. I had tracks recorded with the Fusionbox that would completely vanish when listened to on mono speakers.

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Good lord this is awesome.


I’m a fan of using old junk… my go-to is a Boss SE-70 for distortion. It comes with a bunch of other effects (up to 16 effects at once, basically it is every Boss pedal in a box) but the distortion is particularly good I think (and you can crank the reverb till it distorts and sound like Prodigy SMBU if you want).
Can be had for a couple of hundred dollars used… if you also like old junk.

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I love old junk!

I didn’t realize that was stereo until reading your post here on the stereo distortion thread. I passed on one a while back, because I thought it was essentially like the Yamaha FX-500, but it sounds like it’s better. All Boss pedals in one box does sound convenient

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If Roland/Boss Digital is on the cards then…

  1. Stereo
  2. Configurable _ with the editor you can add filters, vowel filter, compression, eq, trigger envelopes, trigger LFOs,
  3. 2 distortion types (3 if you use the editor and add the tube module)
  4. Wet Dry blend
  5. CV controllable

I have one and find it useful, but prefer my AH
And would definitely go RML if you can.

Im currently looking for something ultra meaty in the velcro fuzz department and have given up on stereo, I’ll probably get a zvex fuzz factory.

I am sure it is but…

To quote the Roland SE-70 pdf manual (page 4)