Mixer advice

I’m really happy with the Soundcraft MTK 12. I have my Elektrons and some other gear connected and jam until I’m ready to record, and then multitrack everything into Ableton (pre-fader so doesn’t record levels and EQ) and either mix ITB or route everything back out to the mixer and record a live take.

Might upgrade to the MTK 22 soon for the extra channels and fx, had to get a bit creative with the routing with 12 channels:

Group 1-2 goes to SP-404 and a 4-track cassette, back to a stereo channel. Really nice as I can route all tracks there instead of the master and use the 404 for master fx / sampling and record to tape.
Send A - Zoom MS70 + other pedals, return to another stereo channel
Send B - OP-1 or Akai S700 for sampling, goes back to mono channel.
Send C - Built-in Lexicon FX are decent so use them for jamming, can’t record those so replace with ITB FX after.

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I plan on picking up one of these soon. It has a stereo FX send, and is also an audio interface.

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Got one on order.

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Yes the key largo is a good option it fits my needs especially for a setup like mine that is really compact set up

  1. digitakt
  2. ehx45000 looper
    for external effects eventide space and timefactor

Ok, I sent back the QuPac for couple reasons.
First, not enough headroom for hot input signals. Even a JX-03 with full volume could introduce cracks…
Secondly : I found I was missing a slider per track… In live situations, I need to be able to instantly identify and access a track that requires volume adjustments.
Still listing my needs, but I guess I’ll need a patch bay for my studio use…

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Thx @bradleyallen. I took the liberty to move the discussion to a more appropriate place.

Here are my studio needs
I like using both the Machinedrum and the Rytm in a track, not necessarily simultaneously.
Count 4 tracks each, 8 in total.
Polysynths : 6 tracks
Monosynths : 2 tracks
Modular : 4 tracks
OT : 4 tracks
I also have a bunch of FX I’d like to be able to put on the signal chain : Eventide Space and Analog Heat (possibly a couple more)
I will need to be able to route either track to the FX. And route anything to the OT 4 ins.

I feel like a patchbay would be a good idea. I won’t necessarily record all this simultaneously as it’s a lot to operate, but I want to be able to do so as I frequently have friends jamming.
And sometimes, I’ll switch from one synth to another, the same I can switch from a drum machine to another.

24 tracks should be sufficient, I guess. Maybe 32.
With aux sends and a couple stereo send/return.

Ideally, I would love to be able to record multitrack on a SD card or USB key, ie without necessarily needing the computer to be hooked. Such solution should be available though.
I don’t really need preamps, I won’t record voice (if I really need to, H4n preamps should be ok).
I don’t need EQ either.
I need input gain, mutes, volume sliders and individual visual feedback on input level.

I have no idea where to get some info in order to fulfill my needs, any advice or source of advices would be great !!


You probably already considered that option but: Soundcraft Signature MTK?
I went for that because, like you, I needed knobs and faders for live contexts, especially to use my Eventide Space and TimeFactor as sends (eats up two stereo tracks though).
22 tracks, though

A friend of mine has a 22MTK. So yes, I have considered it. Although it doesn’t record multitrack on SD card, it seems to be a good mixer :slight_smile:
Still, I’d love to have a mixer that doesn’t need to be plugged to the computer and configured while the juice of inspiration is hitting… I’d rather have a nice red REC button :smile:

Have you looked at the RME UFX-2? 2000€ but it seems really nice and has USB multitrack recording

Yamaha MG10XU works pretty well for me. It’s cheap and effective. Has USB to record audio into your daw and the built in fx are decent, nothing mind blowing. Build quality is pretty solid. It can get a little hot after a few hours of use though.

but then again: what’s wrong with the DB4?

4+1 stereo channels, decent FX for the 4 main channels, Sounds really nice, has a configurable record out for coming back to the OT for resampling (why not use internal sampling?), great for live use, routable inputs, works as an audio Interface (don’t use the interface though),… i use A4, DT, DN, MD, a 303 and a Blofeld and they all find the routings they need

Not the classical mixer, but i really do like it (thanks to @DaveMech who presented it in a way i really wanted to try it and well, my other mixer is gone for good…)

but hey, main thing: these Elektron boxes just need something to set their Magic free :slight_smile:

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Well its been a while since i started this thread.
Ive ended up with a RME UFX+ that i love for the nice routing system and standalone recording feature. Also added a rack mixer that ive been super happy with…the amazing Speck Electronics X.sum line mixer.
So now my search is over…but Im considering a patchbay to open up the routing possibilties little bit more :smiley:


funny you mention the UFX+
It is a beast of an interface and the routing is exceptional. I needed more inputs for my Apollo Quad MK1 (TB) and purchased a Ferrofish Pulse 16 which has really good converters at a reasonable price.

I was a little bumm’d out when i set it up. I didnt know that all Apollo interfaces can only accept up to 8 channels via ADAT (supposedly done to prevent jeopardising plugin stability). This meant I could only connect it to to half the Pulse 16 outputs.

I was considering selling it to get the UFX+ (as I dont need Mic Pres) but got a great deal on an Apollo 16 (TB) today on eBay which I couldnt refuse.

Anyway, congrats on the UFX+, my pal sold his Apollo 8 because of this ADAT issue, got an UFX+ and extremely happy with it :+1:t3:

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Thanks and yeah totally Happy with my UFX+…also considering maybe just expand with ferrofish or similar. Would be similar price as a patchbay with all the cables.
But it took me long time to realize that i needed to buy gear as soundcard and mixer instead of just buying stuff that makes the sounds.
Long and expensive journey but i got there in the end :joy:


i have a bunch of elektrons and other hardware and i would like to get a digital mixer to make it easier to record jams without fiddling around on a computer while recording. But i have no idea about Mixers. In my imagination i would like something with build in effects, equalizing, and individual recording of all tracks on the mixer itself (best would be dry and wet signal seperated).
Routing possibilitys would be also useful.
and to save all settings and recall (best by prgm change command).
12-16 (mono) tracks would be ok. or more…

does something like that exist?

If you are looking for a compact digital mixer, the Allen & Heath Qu Pac that has been discussed quite a bit on this forum meets your criteria, I think. I have had it for about six months, I am very happy with it.

Beringher xr18 or x18

Tascam Model 24 might be up your alley

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Qsc touch mix 30. Brilliant mixer with loads of aux.

A lot has been said about mixers on this forum.
I gathered all the threads named “Mixer advice” right above, so that’s a first source of information.

Don’t hesitate to search the forum for further info


But if you have the money for that, you might want to check A&H Qu series that make it possible to record multitrack without the need of a computer!

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