Step Rec strange behaviour

Hello everyone !
I’m stuck with a strange behaviour when using step rec. When I add a note using “func” + a key trig, the screen trig doesn’t jump to the next step. It stays on the current step. If I add a new note value to replace the previous one, it doesn’t erase the trig but add new note and make a chord. It’s like a step rec chord mode. I’ve searched everywhere in the manual, and didn’t find how to get back to the normal behaviour of the step rec.
I’m on firmware 1.40.

No one knows ?

I don’t own a Digitone, but reminds me of this thread:

Thank you, didn’t know this thread. So it seems to be a bug…

Same on the Digitakt. Straight up doesnt work. I bought one again after the new update with the scales feature. Scales + step input recorder on a Digitakt? Hell yeah. But no, didnt work. Sold it again

Sometimes it would behave like this, next time like that. But never the way it should work. Also, sometimes project didnt load properly when booting. The Digitakt became a buggy POS with too many features and too many weird button combos. The OT MK1 handles like a Fisherprice toy compared to DT with latest os. DT became such a confusing little thing with loads of bugs. And then because all of it is so confusing ypu start to wonder if “the bug” is intended/ a feature. Which makes the unit even more confusing